Україна is preparing for the worst-case scenarios for the participation of Belarus in the war – Ministry of Internal Affairs

Україна is preparing for the worst-case scenarios against the participation of Belarus in the war against Ukraine.

This was stated by the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Yevhen Yenin in an interview with “Telegraph” newspaper.

According to him, despite the fact that Lukashenko has avoided further involvement in hostilities against Ukraine, the role of Belarus may become more active.

“Belarus is Russia’s younger sister. The Belarusian government has already provided its territory for the transit of troops, for missile and artillery fire, for the treatment of the wounded, and even for the evacuation of looted by Russia. By all the laws of war, Belarus has long since joined military aggression. But the role of Belarus can be more active. The Belarusian dictator avoids a more active involvement in Russia’s war against Ukraine. But we don’t need to reassure ourselves that this will continue indefinitely. We do not rule out that Russia can pressure Belarus, and that’s why we have to leave with the worst scenarios”, – said Єнин.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the Ukrainian defenders continue to implement the engineering equipment of the defense of Kyiv and Kyiv region, as well as other regions adjacent to Belarus.

“We have strengthened both the administrative and counter-intelligence regime on the northern cordons as much as possible. And it’s not just about hundreds of additional checkpoints. Sometimes it’s separate special military operations aimed at working out suspicious elements among the local population, searching for Russian servicemen who somehow remained on the liberated territories of the occupiers,” Yenin said.

Vin added that until now, even on the liberated territories of Russian occupation, there are collaborators and potential allies of the Russian government.

According to Ukrainian and Western intelligence, there is a high probability that subversive-intelligence groups may come from Belarus, who may also speak the Ukrainian language, since they may collect them among the residents of the temporarily occupied territories.

“There are very different tasks in them – from the analysis of transport routes and modeling of possible directions, the promotion of heavy equipment to the study of the level of equipment of our engineering facilities, preparation of sabotage, finding accomplices among the local population to the preparation of terrorist attacks on infrastructure objects or near military units. They they don’t come with Russian mobile cards anymore,” said Єнин.

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