10 Simple But Special Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Ā Whether you celebrateĀ Valentines Day with the whole shebang or with a loved one, with these gift ideas and you wonā€™t be accused of being cheap or not caring at all.Ā 

Throw off the usualĀ sweet chocolatesĀ and classic flowers.

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Find a varietyĀ ofĀ our top picks for simple but special Valentines Day gift ideas:

Valentines Day Gift Idea 1.Ā Milktape

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ItĀ used to be mixed tape, then a burnt CD, and now itā€™s all about USB playlist. Hop onto your iTunes account and make a playlist of songs that remind you of your special someoneĀ to download toĀ their device. Itā€™s compatible for Mac and Windows.

Valentines Day Gift Idea 2. Knock Knock Letters

Put together a stack of love notes for your significant other. In just a few minutes, you can create a thoughtful gift by filling in the blanks on eight preprinted notes, placing them in their matching envelopes, and presenting the set in its keepsake box. The letters may then be opened at the appropriate time in the future to reveal your own thoughts and words of encouragement.

Valentines Day Gift IdeaĀ 3. Mutual DreamĀ Board

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Thanks to Oprah, dream boards are all the rage now. Find pictures and photos ofĀ both material and spiritual things you two are hoping to achieve together. You can include words like happiness, inner peace or increased sex drive, or pictures of a bigger house, a new car or a holiday destination.

Valentines Day Gift IdeaĀ 4. Your Very OwnĀ Chocolate/Treat Box

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Rather than give your special someone a box of choccies they will probably only eat half of, make up a batch of their favourite type of treat and wrap it up pretty. Think honeycombĀ or strawberries dipped in chocolate, personalisedĀ M&Ms or jellybeans or homemade slices. You can also try having customised marshmallows with your photos printed on it.

Check out our article on Gift Wrapping Ideas for Valentines Day for wrapping ideas.

Valentines Day Gift IdeaĀ 5. Custom Crossword

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This is a really cool idea! There are heaps of ā€˜make your own crosswordā€™ sites where you choose the clues and answers and a purpose-built crossword can be downloaded and printed. Use clues that are just about the two of you, for example; Clue: ā€˜Where did we meetā€™Ā  Answer: ā€˜At Bunningsā€™. Itā€™s gonna be exciting!

Valentines Day Gift IdeaĀ 6. IOU BookletĀ 

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Tried and tested, the IOU booklet can always be a winner. Make sure you include really personal IOUā€™s; if you know they hate folding in the washing or love a good foot rub, make sure there are a couple of vouchers for those jobs. Be sure to include some fun ones like some date night ideas!

Valentines Day Gift IdeaĀ 7.Ā Coffee Table Book

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Better yet, make a virtual one! Most people store all their photos on their phone, so snaffle their phone and download all their pics into albums and folders. There are thousands of free slideshow/album type programs online and you can often find great deals for photobooks and albums to create hard copies to keep.

Valentines Day Gift IdeaĀ 8. Gourmet dinner or a simple picnic lunch

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Find out your Valentineā€™s favourite dishes and spend an afternoon cooking a custom menu.

Valentines Day Gift IdeaĀ 9. A Love Poem orĀ Love Letters Box

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A pretty jar, a decorated box or a little booklet made of little poems, love notes and things you find special about your loved one are a really sweet way to show them how much you care.

Valentines Day Gift IdeaĀ 10. Socks

No matter how you choose to spend the day or what you choose to give, thereā€™s really no better reason to show your special someone just how much you love them, on Valentines Day or any day!

What do you give your sweetheart on Valentines Day?

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