10 Things Women With PCOS Deal With On A Daily Basis

We live in a world where research on women’s health or hormonal issues is limited and this brings in a massive amount of stigma from the masses. Most people are not even aware of what this problem is and its root cause. This makes it much harder for people who are living with chronic health conditions. Women with PCOS still can’t seem to get help and the much-needed empathy from their near and dear ones.

Furthermore, this condition affects the normal or healthy ovulation cycle because of the extra fluid-filled sacs or cysts with immature eggs in the ovaries. These eggs never mature and never trigger ovulation. This changes the body for good, forcing women with PCOS to deal with awful effects daily. September is PCOS Awareness Month. So, this time let’s talk about these effects that force women to change their lifestyles for good.

10 Awful Effects That Every Woman With PCOS Deal With Daily:

1. PCOS Stigma

The lack of information about PCOS results in stigma among the masses. People tend to end up blaming women for having developed PCOS which is wrong. They also end up believing that it is occurring because of weight gain when it’s the other way around. Such stigma makes it harder for women to even seek medical aid around the issue.

2. Constant Exhaustion

With PCOS comes constant exhaustion which is both mental and physical. Sometimes you end up having headaches or body aches for no damn reason and they stay there throughout the day so it’s very hard to process daily. But, women with PCOS have become used to it by now.

3. Depression And Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are very common in women with PCOS. Their fluctuating hormonal levels make it hard for them to process their emotions. They tend to constantly feel weighed down by stress and depression and yet, they can’t help but think about everything due to anxiety. Sounds tiring, doesn’t it?

4. Acne Attacks

Who doesn’t hate acne? It’s the worst when acne pops up unexpectedly thereby ruining your plans. Now, imagine that your skin’s acne prone and you have no control over when the next one’s going to pop out. Sounds like a total nightmare huh? This is a reality for most women with PCOS.

5. The Hair Scenario

In women with PCOS, body and facial hair grows in the weirdest places due to an excessive presence of testosterone. This happens in all the places except the place that really matters i.e. their heads. This is because PCOS also brings constant hair fall and hair damage with itself due to fluctuating hormones. Sucky!

6. Weight Gain And Bloating

It is often believed that PCOS is caused due to obesity but it’s the other way round. PCOS causes bloating and weight gain in people due to their hormones. In fact, it also messes up their thyroid causing further problems on the matter.

7. Constantly Moving Hormone Cycle

With hormones constantly fluctuating, the cycles of women with PCOS are never stable. Their periods magically disappear for months and then they start dropping out unexpectedly along with emotional changes. Sometimes, they can even occur even twice a month. It’s just the worst situation any woman can face in terms of their cycles.

8. Fear of Infertility and Diabetes

Women With PCOS have blood sugar resistance in their bodies and this can make them constantly worry about their health. They are at risk for diabetes and have to keep a constant check on the same. Meanwhile, women with PCOS can also have multiple complications in terms of reproducing and therefore, they remain at a risk for infertility too.

9. Constant Tests And Ever-Changing Medication Patterns

PCOS is a lifestyle disorder which means that it isn’t curable. At least, it isn’t curable, yet. This means that women with PCOS have to keep checking on their bodies and hormone cycles with blood tests and ultrasounds. Furthermore, they also have to keep changing their medicines to keep up with the bodily changes and it’s hard to find one that suits them and meets their needs too. This means having to deal with side effects like nausea, headaches, allergies etc. every time.

10. A Feeling Of Sheer Helplessness

The very fact that PCOS is incurable is something that can make you wonder. Women with PCOS feel helpless because they have to keep modifying their lives to make PCOS feel bearable and this can be very hard and hectic. Further, their constantly changing emotions make it very hard for them to understand themselves and it’s harder to find someone who understands this and supports them.

Living with PCOS can seem like a piece of cake but this is only because women with PCOS have learned how to make it seem this way. Alas, this isn’t true, it is way harder than it seems and can be a proper nightmare for women. I mean, imagine not being able to eat a tub of ice cream because you shouldn’t have a lot of sugar and still feeling constantly sad or bloated. Sounds like the worst thing in the world, huh?

It’s essential to make sure that you support and appreciate these women on a daily basis. Give them the understanding, care and appreciation that they need and help them go through these awful parts of life.

Image Source: Pexels

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