10 Uses for Egg Cartons

I always have a great big pile of egg cartons on top of my fridge. I usually give them to people with chickens, but sometimes that can be few and far between.

Here are ten uses for egg cartons so you can get rid of the ever growing pile!

1. Use Egg Cartons for Craft

Egg cartons are really versatile craft items. They can be used to hold and separate all different things like, glue, paint, sequins etc. They can be cut and painted up to make creepy caterpillars or as big eyes for other crafty critters. They can be segmented and then each segment can be made into crafty cardboard flowers too! But a warning: check with your school or daycare centre before taking a pile in – some have restrictions on the use due to food allergies.


2. Growing Seedlings

Egg cartons are the perfect size for growing seedlings. Put some damp cotton balls or seedling starter mix in the bottom of each section of the “bumpy” side and place a few seeds in each one. Keep the cotton wool moist and it won’t be long till those little seeds start to shoot.


3. Work Bench Organiser

Use egg cartons to place washers, nuts and small screws in. It’ll keep the different items neat, tidy and accessible.  They are also handy in the office for paper clips, staples, tacks and other small stationery type items.


4. Fire Starters

Egg cartons make great fire starters! Just break up, light and off you go!


5. Composting or Worm Farming

Just tear up the cartons (cardboard only) and place in either the compost pile/bin or the worm farm. Perfect!


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