10 Uses for Zip-lock Bags

The trusty Zip lock bag is a must-have in many kitchens.

Whether you use them purely for sandwiches or storing your block cheese they really are quite versatile. They’re so handy to have and easy to use. Here’s ten uses for zip-lock bags!

Easy Piping Bag 

Fill the zip lock bag with icing, dough or whipped cream (whatever you need for your culinary creation), seal the bag and cut a small corner off and simply use as you would a regular piping bag.

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Keep Lunches Cool 

Wet a kitchen sponge and placing it in a zip lock bag and freeze it. Pop it in your child’s or your lunchbox and there is no need to worry about yoghurts or meals spoiling as it will stay cold for hours and the bag will hold the water as it defrosts.

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Waterproofing/Sand proofing 

Being that zip lock bags come in many sizes they are great for taking to the beach to keep your phone and keys sand free. They are also fantastic for popping your eBook reader in before having a relaxing soak in the bath. No need to worry about them getting wet and ruined!

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Kids Colouring

Remove a colouring page from a book and place into a zip lock bag. Seal it up and let the kids trace and colour with textas till their hearts are content. Simply wipe clean when they are done and they can use them over and over again!

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Marinade Bag

Add some meat and your favourite marinade to an appropriately sized Zip lock bag and seal. Pop it in the fridge overnight for an easy mess free marinading container.

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Toy Storage

Store the kids Lego, puzzles pieces, game/trading cards or marbles. Anything with small pieces that you’d normally find underfoot in the darkness of night. Kids will always find something to store in them and if it means saving my soles and a semi organised child’s bedroom then I’m all for it!

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Customised Snack Bags

Make individual meals like omelettes, or homemade ice-cream by adding the ingredients to the zip lock bags and either boil the bags for the omelettes or freeze for the ice-cream. Each person can choose exactly what they would like to be added for a totally customisable snack.

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Bag Boiling

The bag boiling technique can be used to steam all sorts of delicious food. Why not try some salmon with basic herbs and spices maybe with a dash of lemon and serve on some steamed vegies cooked in another zip lock bag at the same time!

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Bulk Storage

If you buy in bulk to save money in the long run, measure out dry ingredients for cakes, pancakes, biscuits etc. and put straight into a zip lock bag, label it and write basic instructions on the bag. It’s so quick and easy to then prepare and bake a yummy treat that even the non-bakers of the house will give it a go!

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Freezer storage

Separate your meats before freezing and add in meal sized portions. It makes it very quick and easy for thawing and cooking the right amount of food without the wastage or spoiling associated with freezing all of it in the deli bags or packaging it is purchased in.

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Bulk Freezer Cooking

Cook up bulk freezer friendly meals and separate into zip lock bags. This is such an easy and space saving way to store meals in your freezer for those lazy nights where you want a nutritional meal fast. Simply reheat and serve!

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