12 MORE Non-Traditional Wedding Cake Ideas (Because Why Not?)

12 MORE Non-Traditional Wedding Cake Ideas (Because Why Not?)

The cake is the focal point of your wedding, so it’s only fitting to decide on what your wedding cake would be – or if you really want a ‘cake’ for your wedding cake….

The wedding cake is an important part of your wedding. For certain cultures, the wedding cake symbolises the sweetness of your married life.

People will tell you to make sure your cake complements all the aspects of your wedding or that it should be white because, you know… white means “innocent” and “pure”.

But, if you want to totally stray away from your wedding theme, why not! Remember, it’s YOUR big day!

We already gave you unique options and alternatives for the traditional wedding cake ideas before (see here!) But we found more on Pinterest and thought we’d share it to you!

PS. Brace your mouths and your tummies. You’ll reach the end of this post either hungry or drooling!

12 MORE Non-Traditional Wedding Cake Ideas (Because Why Not?)

Oreo Cookie-Stacked Wedding Cake

If you and your partner love oreo cookies, then you’ll love this non-traditional wedding cake— oreo cookies stacked together and decorated like this.

Truffle (Stack or Tower) Wedding Cake

There’s no doubt – your married life will be as sweet as truffles if you opt for a beautifully arranged truffle tower.

Churros Wedding Cake

Non-traditional wedding cake? — I don’t think I’ll regret choosing Churros over the traditional wedding cake…

Have you met anybody who said no to s’mores?


You’d say I DO again with these gorgeous and non-traditional wedding cake— Cannolis!

via brit.co

A Stack of Cinnamon Buns

….don’t want none unless you got buns, hun!

Stacked Big Cookies


Brownie Tower

I’m sure these couples lived happily ever after because this Brownie Tower means they make really good choices in life.

Cupcake Stack

I personally like cupcakes over layers of cake. It’s easier to eat for guests and nobody gets more than what they can finish. It also makes serving easier!

Guests will really really enjoy this Pavlova Stack over a wedding cake.

Hamburger Wedding Cake

People who love hamburgers are my kind of people.

Love chocolate? Then ditch the wedding cake and opt for a gorgeous arrangement of Chocolate mousse shots!

Do you have more unique wedding cake alternatives in mind? Let us know in the comments!

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