20 Photos of Messy Rooms Before and After Cleaning

Isn’t it so therapeutic when you see a room full of clutter and then see it all clean and polished afterward? It’s enough to erase all the day’s stress!

Just look at these photos of messy rooms before and after cleaning, aren’t the after pictures satisfying to look at?

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1. Cabinets.

2. Declutter! Declutter! Declutter!

3. Organise documents instead of cluttering them all up in a table.

4. There are people who work better when their surrounding’s a mess but an organised working area boosts productivity!

5. It looked like a storage room before.

6. Things, no matter how small, will look spacious when clean.

7. It’s more entertaining to prettify yourself when your makeup is sorted out!

8. Okay time to clear out the living room and throw away everything that doesn’t spark joy!

9. A simple arrangement can make significant changes!

10. Don’t make your bedroom a huge laundry basket!

11. Wow. That transformation!

12. Surrounding yourself with lots of things might distract you!

13. Well, we have moments like this where we just want to leave everything anywhere.

14. Was there a tornado in this house?

15. It’s hard but make sure to make your bed in the morning!

16. I didn’t even notice the piano in the first photo

17. See? It’s prettier when clean!

18. Oh wow!


19. Just a bit of cleaning and redecoration.

20. And this one’s a makeover!

Are these photos of messy rooms motivating enough for you to clean up your own mess?

20 Photos of Messy Rooms Before and After Cleaning I Stay ay Home Mum