20 Sad (But Hilarious) Christmas Fails

We all love the Christmas season, and many mums have lofty ideas about how to picture out a perfect Christmas for their family.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out as we had planned.

We always encounter some Christmas fail — from dodgy meals, pathetic decorations and questionable gifts that make us wonder if it was really worth it after all. Here are 20 of the saddest and funniest Christmas fails we’ve found on the web.

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Christmas Cooking Fails

Is there anything more tempting than trying your hand at one of the many gorgeous dishes floating around on the internet? At every shopping centre checkout, you’ll see some perfect Christmas meals, especially desserts, from the glossy magazines. You’ll then think if you could do it, right? No.

1. Your Icing Isn’t Cheery

There are times when things just fall flat and in this case, the icing is definitely one of them. As a result, what should have been a cute little Christmas cupcake has become a neon, radioactive-looking dessert from hell.

2. Your Santas Are Sad

It’s always nice to have something healthy for Christmas, and this dessert seems to be a perfect blend of a healthy fruit and some decadent cream. Too bad that these Santas never stand tall.

3. It’s All Falling Apart

There’s so much going wrong here, we aren’t even sure where to start. What is left after this Christmas fail is something from the dessert nightmares. Definitely, this will never be a centrepiece for your Christmas meal.

4. Christmas Meringue Isn’t Your Thing

Meringue is already something that most people put on the top of the basket. Many thought that it was stressful to attempt it but in the Christmas fail basket, it goes!

5. You Just Went Wrong Somewhere

These aren’t really the worst we’ve seen but there’s just something about them that’s wrong. Maybe it’s a case of bad instruction or maybe it was doomed to be a Christmas fail from the start.

6. Your Dessert Is A Little Flat

In theory, this Christmas log seems like a great idea and doesn’t really look that complicated. But that is of course before it’s put into the hands of the Christmas fail brigade.

7. It’s Just Too Hard


Intended to be a whimsical Christmas tree made from delectable doughnut holes, this Christmas fail might have been the shock they didn’t see coming. It’s amazing how quickly it can go from magazine ready, to get that thing outta here!

Christmas Cheer Fails

One thing that everyone loves to do on Christmas is spread some cheer. You can do this by buying up big on Christmas stuff, participating in Christmas crafts and getting your decorating genie out of the magic Christmas lamp. Too bad you’re going to fail.

8. Your Craft Skills Are Questionable


A little memento from your child’s first Christmas might seem like a great idea. But just wait until your actual child is set loose on this pain monstrosity. Christmas FAIL!

9. You’ve Made Bad Purchasing Decisions

The Christmas decorations that you buy should last for a few seasons of cheer. Well if that’s what you want, we wouldn’t invest in these baubles, which are clearly failing at Christmas.

10. There’s Nothing Appetising About This

There’s something about this brown, lumpy blob that isn’t doing anything for your appetite. Did your toddler once smuggle one of these bad boys in a nappy, or was it something else?

11. Or This

The same goes for this questionably, icky-shaped Santa Claus.

12. You’ve Overestimated Your Ability

Turning a white Christmas tree into a cheerful snowman seems pretty straight forward. But in the wrong hands, it turns into just another sad Christmas fail.

13. Your Kids Have Issues

In a situation like this, you better make sure that your kids won’t be bowing down to the Dark Lord this Christmas time instead of celebrating light. Fail!

Christmas Photo Fails

If you have high hopes for your family’s Christmas photo, just stop those right now. Bring your expectations back down to the ground and then take them a little bit further because believe us, they need to be as low as possible.

14. Your Kids Hate Santa

There can be a lot of riding on your kid’s Christmas photo with Santa, but unfortunately, sometimes, even if you’ve got four opportunities for success, you’ll just get one big fail.

15. You Went Too Far

There’s a fine line when it comes to Christmas photographs. Stepping over that line will almost guarantee a Christmas fail like this one.

16. Your Baby Has No Christmas Cheer

Who doesn’t love being swathed in pretty little Christmas lights? Well apparently, it’s your kids. Beware in trying to accomplish this cute little Christmas snap, a fail is waiting for you.

17. Your Dog Won’t Cooperate

If you don’t have kids, your pet is the next choice for Christmas snaps. Sadly, if you thought children were hard to pose in adorable and yet candid snaps, dogs are downright impossible. It’s a fail just waiting to happen.

18. Your Kids Aren’t Picture Perfect

When there’s more than one kid involved in your “picture perfect” Christmas photo, you might as well give up now. Seriously, unless you’re some kind of magician, all you’re going to get is fail and fail again.

19. The Timing Just Wasn’t Right

Your entire family is there, the tree is up and glowing behind you and your house even looks almost magazine ready. But don’t be fooled, as soon as you get the camera set up on a timer, these two rowdy pups are waiting to make your holiday snap another Christmas fail!

20. Your Kid Isn’t Putting Up With This

Sometimes, all of your best-laid plans go awry and usually, there’s a kid at the middle who just had enough of your nonsense.

Honestly mum, take the fail and own it. It’s Christmas time!

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