20-year-old pregnant woman who was shot, killed remembered at candlelight vigil

Candlelight vigil held for pregnant woman who was shot, killed

FOX 26 Reporter Gabby Hart spoke with family members at a candlelight vigil that was held for a pregnant woman who was shot and killed.

Loved ones of a 20-year-old pregnant woman murdered in her apartment held a candlelight vigil in her honor on Friday night. 

They also shared video of a person they believe is the suspect in her murder entering and then running from her apartment.


The family of 20-year-old Dontia Clark says they still haven’t fully processed the fact that she’s really gone.

“I don’t truly want to believe that she’s gone, I still call her phone til this day. I still text her praying she’s gonna pick-up, but I know she’s not, she should be here,” said Deija Clark, the victim’s older sister.

Her sister says Clark found out she was eight weeks pregnant the day before she was shot to death inside her apartment.

“She was excited, but she was scared, and I told her it’s okay to be scared, it’s your first child, it’s okay and that’s the last conversation I had with my sister,” said Deija. 

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Her family believes the father of her unborn child is responsible. They shared video with FOX 26 showing a man entering Clark’s apartment. You can later see him running from her building, he stops turns around, goes back toward her apartment, then he can be seen running back out and away from the scene.

“I can’t see nobody else but him. I don’t know if I’m wrong or not, but that’s all I see,” said Tasha Clark, mother of Dontia Clark.

After not hearing from Dontia, her family became worried, so they sent her brother to check on her; that’s when he made the gruesome discovery. She had been shot multiple times and left to die.

“I’m just going to miss my baby, I do not believe he took my baby away from me”, her mother said. 


Tasha says there were no signs of forced entry, which leads them to believe she knew the killer and felt comfortable enough to let them in.

So far, police have not made any arrests in connection with Clark’s murder, her family says they’ve handed over the evidence they have to police.

Anyone with information should call police or Crime Stoppers to remain anonymous.