200 Subscription Box Ideas for Your New Small Business

Subscription Boxes are only gaining momentum in popularity and a new unique subscription box is coming onto the market every day!

So why not get on the subscription box train and find a unique niche idea and start your very own subscription box business!

We give you the step by step instructions on How to Start a Subscription Box โ€“ now you just need the idea! And we are helping you there here too with 200 Subscription Box Ideas for your next small business idea!

And on top of that โ€“ we also show you how to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Subscription Box Business โ€“ so your idea can get off the ground right away!

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1. Subscription Boxes for Women:

Women are the primary purchases of Subscription Boxes, so marketing a box to women is a great idea. But what do women purchase? Well โ€“ we have put together a list of some of the best ideas for boxes that women do purchase!


2. Kids and Teenager Subscription Box Ideas:

Women will often purchase Subscription Boxes for their kids โ€“ to keep them occupied, to get them interested in something else apart from their screens and to get their brain ticking. Here are some unique ideas for subscription boxes for kids and teenagers.

Fidget Toy Box Funko Pops Subscription Box Balloon Animal Box
Seasonal Craft Box Mystery Toy Box Pokemon Card Collectors Box
Paint by Numbers Subscription Teen Skincare Box
Monthly Sticker Kit Collection School Supply Box
Geeky Product Club Pen Pal Supplies Box

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3. Menโ€™s Subscription Boxes

Hmmm men. Men do not buy subscription boxes. But women do buy their men boxes โ€“ this is a tougher market โ€“ but if you can crack it โ€“ it can be very lucrative!

Socks & Jocks Subscription Box Razor Subscription Golf Tee Subscription
Monthly Fragrance Subscription Box Socks of the Month Club Menโ€™s Fitness Box
Bamboo Boxer Subscription Box Jocks of the Month Club Hot Wheels Subscription
Tie Lovers Subscription Box Car Enthusiasts Box Sports Card Box
Menโ€™s Grooming Box Car Cleaning Box Tool Subscription Box

4. Entertainment Subscription Box Ideas:

Entertainment Subscription Boxes are growing in popularity as parents are wanting to spend quality time with their family without screens. Perfect for the family who quote โ€˜Iโ€™m boredโ€™.

Home Escape Room Box Harry Potter Product Subscription Box Trivia Box Subscription
Comic Book Subscription Crime Scene Analysis Box Card Game Subscription
Star Wars Fan Subscription Jigsaw Puzzle Club Fiction Book Monthly
Puzzle Box Subscription Murder Mystery Monthly Club Movie Night Box
Gadget Collection Box Orienteering for Beginners Kit Paint Pouring Kit

5. Bath & Beauty Subscription Box Ideas:

Women buy themselves these boxes, and their friends these boxes. They are the highest sellers!

Korean Sheet Mask Box Luxury Makeup Sample Box Perfume or Cologne Subscription Box
Bath Bomb Box Lipstick of the Month Club Luxury Lip Balm Box
Luxury Bubble Bath Box Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit Makeup Brush Box
Spa at Home Box Balt Salts Kit Vegan Soup Box
Self Care Box Soy Candle-Making Kit Clay Mask Box
Korean Beauty Sampler Box Vegan Skincare Box Sheet Mask Subscription

6. Spiritual and the Occult Subscription Box Ideas:

I love this idea for unique subscription boxes โ€“ something left of centre!

Zodiac Crystal Box Smudge Stick Box Witch Herb Box
Tarrot Card Collection Box Rune of the Month Box Occult Book of the Month
Crystal of the Month Box Mystic Tarot Box Oracle Box
Witchcraft at Home Box Apothecary Box Witch Starter Kit
Sage Selection Box Fortune Tellers Box Chakra Kit
Charm of the Month Club Essential Oils Collection Box Crystal Necklace Subscription

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7. Home-Based Subscription Box Ideas:

The home is where the heart is โ€“ and making a house into a home is high on the agenda. So these boxes do that!

Fancy Stationery Subscription Box Seasonal Vegetable Seed Kit Seasonal Decoration Box
Plant of the Month Box Luxury Stationery Box Clean Cleaning Products Box
Wax Melt Subscription Adult Craft Box Eco Clean Subscription
Cookie Cutter Subscription Air Plant Box Vintage Teacup Subscription
Succulent Cutting Box Home Decor Box Beeswax Food Storage Making Kit

8. Adults-Only Subscription Box Ideas

These boxes are often purchased as more of a โ€˜One offโ€™ than a subscription basis โ€“ but they are fun and adult products have very high-profit margins!

Date Night Box Sex Toy Surprise Box Wedding Night Box
BDSM Lingerie Box Edible Underwear Box The Happy Vagina Box
G-String Box Couples Fun Box Body Stocking Subscription Box
Lace Lingerie Box Mystery Pleasure Box Erotica Books Monthly
Lube of the Month Box Condom Assortment Box

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9. Unique Out-of-the-Box Subscription Box Ideas:

Mystery Book Box Mystery Earring Selection Box Stoners Box Monthly
Rare Seed Collection Subscription Teachers Treat Box CBD Products Box
Kawaii Stationery Box Wearable Art Box Stoners Munchy Box
World Travellers Box Mental Health Care Package Monthly High Box
Bride to Be Planning Box Sorry You Are Sick Care Package

10. Food and Drinks Subscription Box Ideas

Cocktail Lovers Subscription Box Gourmet Spice Subscription Box Chocoholic Box
Fresh Coffee Bean Subscription Box Coffee from Around the World Gluten-Free Box
Gourmet Coffees of the World Subscription Box Sake Selection Box Olive OIl Selection Box
Gourmet Tea Subscription Box Craft Beer Box Wine Connoisseurs Box
Gourmet Cheese Subscription Box Gin Collectors Box Protein Bar Box
Green Tea Selection Box Candy from the World Box Vegan Treat Box
Gut Healthy Subscription Box Jerkey of the Month Club Honey from the World Box

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11. Hobby and Interest Subscription Box Ideas

Candle-Making Subscription Box Embroidery Starter Kit Scrapbooking Monthly Club
Book of the Month Papercraft Box Bead Making Kit
Knitting Project Box Enamel Pin-Making Box Board Game Subscription
Crotchet Project Box Dressmaking Pattern Subscription Resin Miniatures Subscription
Monthly Vinyl Box Yarn Suprise Box Cross Stitch Projects
Beanie Knitting Box Candle Tin Subscription

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12. Pet Themed Subscription Boxes

Cat Toy Subscription Cat Lovers Box Puppy Outfit Monthly Box
Dog Grooming Subscription Quality Cat Snack Box Bird Lovers Box
Dog Treats Box Crazy Cat Lady Box Bird Seed Selection Box
Bake Your Own Dog Treats Kit Guinea Pig Lovers Subscription Box Bird Toy Box
Puppy Health Box Eco-Friendly Pet Products Cat Grooming Products