21 Game Of Thrones Characters You Should Name Your Baby After!

George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series is one that has captured the hearts of many, spawning a hit HBO series Game of Thrones. If you’re a fan of the books or show, you’re probably daydreaming about what your own little Westeros would be like. What names would you choose for your children? Well, we’ve got you covered with 21 Game of Thrones characters to inspire baby names and get you started!

Choosing the name of your soon-to-be or newly born child can be an absolute nightmare for some parents.

Not only have you to decide on a name that doesn’t remind you of the grubby kid you used to sit next to in primary school who would share little stories of nose-picking victories, or that ex-boyfriend whose name just makes you vomit a little in your mouth, but you and your partner actually have to both agree on it.

Oh, so many lively ‘discussions’, and ‘Are you freaking serious?!’ eyebrow raises to be had there! Some new parents even wait until the child is born to see what name suits their precious bundle. Aarrgghh! So much pressure!!

If you’re wanting to name your child something just a little different and certainly not mainstream why not consider delving into your favourite television series that both of you just love? Really you have watched, laughed, cried and screamed with the characters over time. You feel connected. What better way to continue that connection but to honour it by naming your child after your favourite character in Game of Thrones?

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I’m not talking Ross, Chandler or Monica from Friends but let’s say that series is oh”.Game of Thrones!

I have to admit, I seemingly may be the only person on the planet who has never watched a single episode or even had the wildest inkling of what this series was actually about until I became aware of the trend of parents naming their children after Game of Thrones characters. Learning curve definitely imminent.

It appears that Game of Thrones (for any others like myself who may be called ‘under rock dwellers’) is a light-hearted story of people just getting along”¦.nahhht!! Game of Thrones has been described as ‘The Sopranos of the Middle Earth’ the fantasy drama series which tells the story of battles among noble houses incorporating magic and of course dragons. It has gained a broad fan base but has also attracted criticism over the frequent use of nudity, violence and sexual violence. So no, kids show it is not.


There are characters within the storyline who reach out to viewers with their strong leadership, and tenacity or just have really cool names … apparently!


I’d looove Brienne as a baby name. It sounds pretty! Brienne of Tarth is also one of the characters I adore in GOT. She’s brave, loyal and strong.


Tyrion is definitely my favourite Lannister. He loves wine. He’s smart, kind and definitely has a soft spot for some people.


When people think of the best Game of Thrones characters, Eddard Stark is always up there. He’s honourable, brave, and intelligent – a true leader. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why Ned Stark is one of the best characters on GoT. An Eddard is sure to be a person who sticks to his principles. He’s also loyal, trustworthy and noble.


Daario is such a sexy name. He’s quick, handsome and such a great lover. Wouldn’t you want your baby boy to grow up with looks, skills and charm?


If you foresee your baby growing up as someone who can speak several languages, then the name Missandei fits her perfectly! Missandei isn’t centre of attention kind of girl BUT she definitely has been essential to the success of Daenerys. She’s also smart and just has a bright personality. I love her scenes!


Catelyn Stark is the mother of the Stark pack and her character is someone I look up to. As Ned’s wife, she has made a lot of sacrifices. As a mother, she is more than willing to endure anything for the kids. Her death scene is the one that affected me the most. It was so sad!


Daenerys is a very trendy-rendy name amongst new parents. I feel for the teacher-calling role in those first few days. ‘Sound it out will never be so applicable. Daenerys is considered to be the ‘Mother of Dragons’ because of her powers over the mythical creatures. To keep it simple, as an exiled princess, she had a rough life and now basically takes no shit from anyone. If you name her after Dany then expect a leader. She may also have pets – hopefully, they don’t breathe fire.


Another popular choice for parents. The Khaleesi name just gives so much empowered feeling. If you’ve watched GOT then you know that becoming a Khaleesi was a turning point for Daenerys.


In the series, Theon is the third party narrator for thirteen chapters series, described as arrogant, cocky and proud. I can’t say he’s my favourite but I love his name. He’s also quite important since he’s lived til the current season.


Another very popular name to be given to babies is Arya. This character is a tomboy essentially, rather be getting in there wielding weapons than sewing like a lady. Quite a pretty name, right? She’s also one of my favourite characters in GOT. Resilient, witty and adventurous.


Let’s be honest. Sansa was a spoiled brat with selfish dreams. All she wanted was to get out of Winterfell. But then, out of all the characters, she is the one that improved the most. From a selfish little b******** to a mature, smart and fearless woman. She’s holding the fort pretty well in Jon’s absence. That’s someone a little girl should aspire to be.


Ser Bronn of the Blackwater! He’s a funny guy and a skilled swordsman. He’s managed to make something out of himself. Definitely a go-getter!


Lyanna is such a beautiful name. I love both Lyanna Stark and Lynna Mormont. Especially Lyanna Mormont. I mean, can you please appreciate the little girl leading House Mormont? That sweet face with a badass personality!


Well, what he said.


Now, Sam is one of the sweetest characters in GOT. He may be bullied pretty much the entire time BUT he’s the first guy to kill a White Walker. He’s also well-read, smart and a very good friend.


Slay Queen! If you want your girl to be full of wisdom, a bit sarcastic and clever in all aspects of life then you gotta name her after Olenna Tyrell. She sounds like an awesome lady!


You wouldn’t want a kid to get in trouble often but you definitely one someone with badass skills. Oberyn is such a romantic. He’s adventurous and values family above all. He’s also very protective of young girls.


Margaery is someone you’ll hate just because you can’t be her. No one has annoyed Cersei as much as Margaery did. She’s a smart girl who knows how to play her cards. Name your baby girl after her and she will definitely win in life.


How about naming your baby girl Ygritte? She’ll look tough on the outside but actually very sweet and values family.


I’m not sure if your little girl will grow up to be a doctor or scientist but there’s a chance. Talisa was the wife of Robb Stark. She sought medical training and helped heal wounded soldiers. She also got deep beautiful eyes which hopefully your baby will also have.


Tormund sounds unique, right? He definitely is unique. He’s my favourite wildling! He also isn’t shy about his feelings toward Brienne. I hope they become an item before GOT ends!

Name trends to come and go, like when Moniqua, Shaniqua and Laquisha thanks to the Ricki Lake show in the ’90s (ok maybe I may have made that up but how often do you actually get to throw that in?!), and I’m sure this fad too will pass and become ‘so yesterday’ as well only to be made fashionable in 50 years time as parents look for a more traditional and historical name for their children.

With a plethora of choices for parents choosing names, the choices really are endless. With the idea of only choosing the traditional family names flying out of the window in days gone by, individualism and creativity have stepped up to bat.

So..did you name your child after one of the characters?

21 Game Of Thrones Characters You Should Name Your Baby After!