30 Words Kids Hilariously Mispronounce

When kids first start talking, trying to work out exactly what they are saying is certainly an art.

Usually one only mum can understand for some reason. Did you find that too?

Most of what comes out of their mouths is a whole lot of mumble jumbled nonsense.

But as they get older, and their speech gets clearer, a few mispronounced words start popping through to make us chuckle.

These words kids mispronounce will surely make you laugh!

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30 Words Kids Hilariously Mispronounce

We asked our SAHM Facebook community what words their children mispronounce that are absolutely hilarious. Here are just a few of the 50,000 responses.

Corn on the cob – corn on the cough
Taste buds – taste bugs
Ambulance – Lamblance
Excuse me – move me
Corn dog – horn dog
Huntsman spider – Husband
Spaghetti – Basketi
Licorice – Lickshirts
Bald – bowled
Shoulders – soldiers

30 Words Kids Hilariously Mispronounce

Cupcake – pupcake
Helicopter – Cocker
Truck – Fruck
ABC’s – ABCD’s
Zucchini bread – Bikini bread
Blueberries – Boobie berries
Dinosaurs – Dinowhores
Hungry – horney
Oatmeal – oink meal
Eiffel tower – Awful Tower

Horse – Whore
Fishes – b**ches
Eyeballs – eye bulbs
Crocs – cocks
Worcestershire sauce – What this hear sauce
Amen – Hey Man!
Mistake – I made a steak!
Bandaid – Bandover
Lipstick – Slipdick
Vagina – China

This one was very relatable to us too. hahha
My adult kid pronounces β€œI love you” as β€œmum, I need money.”

What words do your kids often mispronounce?

30 Words Kids Hilariously Mispronounce | Stay at Home Mum