31 Beautiful Dog Tattoos To Show Your Undying Love

31 Beautiful Dog Tattoos To Show Your Undying Love

Tattoos are all the rage but there are certain things that we really love and would love them to be incorporated in our tattoos.

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For us, one of those things should be our beloved pet dogs. Some of us want kids, but most of us want pets instead. Most often, when our dogs die, they also bury a part of us with them. And because of this, we also mark our skin with beautiful dog tattoos to show our love for them.

Here are 31 of the cutest and loveliest dog tattoos we have gathered:

I am not good with dog breeds but this one is cute and it has the puppy’s name on it. 

I am pretty sure this is a French bulldog and it is very cute. I don’t actually need to explain it. Lol!

Puppies and floral wreaths are just too lovely!

“Hey buddy, here’s a portrait of you!”

The realism on this one is too good to be true. It made the pup appear insanely real. 

A unique twist on the usual doggie portrait. 

If you want a minimal approach, try this cutesy widdle paw print. 

“Yep, that’s you hunny bunch. You’re beside my heart.”

Ugh, sooo cute. 

A geometric and intergalactic take on your favourite puppy. 

The tattoos are cute, the names are cute. Ugh, I give up. 

Yep, eternal love is felt whenever we are with our favourite pups. 

Paw prints are just too cute. 

How about a half sleeve dedicated to your favourite doggo? 

This sketchy version of your cute pup is too hard to pass on. 

Cute and simple! That’s how I like it! 

He’s staring at himself! 

Too cute to handle. Hnnng. 

This pup with a floral crown is melting my heart.

How about a groufie for all of your furry loves! 

It could be located on your foot, but you’re sure not to forget it. 

Flower wreaths and a puppy with glasses? Take my money! 

The cuteness level is insane! 

Some pointillism piece for your baby dog.  

Frenchies have an exceptional level of cuteness. I wanna have one too! 

Some paws behind your ear for you to hear ’em whispering. 

Tiny and detailed! Love the colours on this one! 

Two’s a company. 

Black and grey but exudes all the happy colours. 

The wash of watercolour flowers makes this piece extra special!

A paw is not only a paw, it’s code for a doggie high five.

Are you also willing to ink the images of your furry friends into your skin? 

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