50 Craft Ideas to Make and Sell for a Profit

Looking for crafty ways to earn more cash?

If you have talent in arts and crafts, here are craft ideas to make and sell for a profit on sites such as Etsy and Madeit.  We have tried to cover all of the areas and have given you an example for you to see people who are currently doing it – and doing it well!

Plus we are now coming up to Christmas – and more people are searching for gifts that are hand-made rather than mass-produced.  So there is no better time to get out your sewing machine and start creating!

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1. Make Unique Earrings

Earrings are a great craft idea as they are small and easy to post. Think of a truly unique theme and go for it! Here is an example of someone thinking outside the square with earring ideas.

View the tutorial here.

2. Make Unique Cushion Covers

As many cushion cover stores there are, there is still plenty of room for your own unique designs. Whether you buy unique fabric and make them yourself, or go the extra mile and design your own fabric.

List of Online Fabric Suppliers and Printers

3. Make Eco-Friendly Beeswax Wraps

Being environmentally friendly is becoming essential in the family home.  Many Mum’s are now substituting plastic wrap for Beeswax Wraps – and they are super easy to make at home – use bright colours and styles to get the attention of customers.

View the tutorial here.

4. Unpaper Towels

The use of paper towels is overrated! These unpaper towels are made of fabric. Thus, you won’t have to feel guilty about trees as well as adding to the wastes that this world holds.

View the tutorial here.

5. Eco-Friendly Reusable Grocery Bags

Even supermarkets are now starting to adopt the use of eco-friendly bags to lessen the plastics that spread all over the world, which actually has an impact on the environment. With these reusable grocery bags, you can make them personalised to make the shopping of the customers much more enjoyable.

View the tutorial here.

6. Washable Duster

It’s such a waste of money to refill or dispose of, so why not make washable dusters instead? It will help people save more money!

View the tutorial here.

7. Organic Handmade Soap

Some soaps have harsh ingredients on them that make our skin dry and irritated. This organic handmade soap will be beneficial especially for those with sensitive skin!

View the tutorial here.

8. Make Soy Candles

Apart from being 100% biodegradable, soy wax candles are better for our health compared to paraffin candles. It’s due to the fact the latter is made of gasoline by-products, and who would want to be surrounded by the smell of the gasoline?

Shhhhh – here is our resource on where to buy Candle Making Supplies!

View the tutorial here.

9. Teacher Appreciation Gifts

When your work or you as a person is appreciated, it will make you happy! So why not give your teachers appreciation gifts? Make a lot, use some, and sell the others! It will boost your teachers’ happiness and interest to teach – and it might increase everyone’s grades too!

View the tutorials here.

10. Macrame Wall Hangings

It is said that handmade crafts are more refined in terms of details – and definitely much cheaper! With this Macrame Wall Hangings, you can use different colours and apply unique styles that can’t be seen elsewhere.

View the tutorial here.

11. Air Plant Terrariums

This is very simple to make. You just have to have a glass container and a plant, and any other decorations you want to put inside. You can also make this customised, according to how your customers want it to be, depending on the kind of terrarium suitable for their interior.

View the tutorial here.

12. Naughty Cups

Mornings are usually quiet and peaceful – make them more entertaining and alive with these naughty cups!

View the tutorial here.

13. Ummmm… Well, Every Boy Needs This…

Yes, of course they need this.

View the tutorial here.

14. Adult Size Bean Bags

Sometimes, the usual living room chair just gives us back aches and discomfort, especially when we just want to chill. So who wouldn’t love a bean bag when you can even sleep comfortably on it?

View the tutorial here.

15. Handmade Raw Concrete Pots

Using a concrete pot for plants is better as it lasts long, doesn’t break easily, and is resistant to climate change. It can also be decorated.

View the tutorial here.

17. Handmade Recycled Note Paper

If there’s something we sure know should be recycled, that would be papers!

View the tutorial here.

18. Hand Sewn Aprons

You see, the aprons that you can see on the market are usually of the same design and style. How can one differ? DIY! To make an apron doesn’t require too much work after all.

View the tutorial here.

19. Baby Bandana Bibs

People prefer quality over quantity, but why choose when you can have both? These baby bandana bibs should be cheaper compared to the branded ones because they’re ‘handmade’ – but it doesn’t mean they lack quality!

View the tutorial here.

20. Mum & Bub Welcome Home Gift Set

You’re helping people not to spend too much on a single gift with this one. You can buy a lot of things, better if small ones, related to parenting or motherhood for a cheaper price and just pick one on each variant and put them in a box – or any container possible.

View ideas here.

21. MDF Laser Cut Bamboo Cake Toppers

Celebrating with a plain cake is very old! At this time, cake designs are already very creative – and creativity makes them more yummy! Instead of asking the cake attendant to put the message on the cake itself, people can just use laser cut bamboo cake toppers!

View the tutorial here.

22. Nursery Wardrobe Dividers

If you’re minimalist and organised in nature, you can make many of this using recycled cardboard or anything and sell them for a cheap price! You can also buy new materials and be creative to make them more appealing.

View ideas and tutorials here.

23. Personalised Baby Blankets

How cute babies are especially if they’re rolled in a blanket like this! Like a croissant! Anyway, if you love babies and blankets, you can make a personalised baby blanket by picking a colour that matches the baby’s personality and put his or her name on it. You can also add other accessories, like a headband or a bib, that match the blanket!

View the tutorial here.

24. Handmade Baby Rompers

Making a handmade baby romper is much flexible as you can decide what kind of style is better. Oh, how lovely it is to dress a baby like a doll!

View the tutorial here.

25. Baby Shower Games

What make baby showers alive are the games! If you are the kind of person who thinks outside of the box and is playful in nature, you can provide services like this!

View ideas here.

26. Balloon Party Decoration Packs

Almost all children love balloons! Especially if they’re formed into animals! Or flowers! Or a cartoon character!

View ideas here.

27. Thank You Cards

It’s the little thing that matters! You can print out thank you cards with the design you want and sell it. It’s that easy!

View ideas here.

28. Family Monograms

A monogram of a family name can denote authority. It implies, “This is Williams Family’s house. If you’re not a William, either act accordingly or get out!” Yes, right, sort of.

View the tutorial here.

29. Bride and Bridesmaid Robes

Clothing affects confidence. If you love fashion designing, you can make bride and bridesmaid robes and sell them as a bundle for uniformity.

View the tutorial here.

30. Wedding Garters

The materials needed for wedding garters aren’t expensive. Making them wouldn’t take so much of your time either.

View the tutorial here.

31. Bath Bombs

How beautiful it is to soak your body in colours especially after a whole day of stress!

View the tutorial here.

32. Bunting

Sometimes, people use papers on this – but papers aren’t waterproof and are usually being disposed after use. Fabric buntings can be helpful to those that conduct festivals very often. They won’t have to start from scratch, nor do they have to worry about the weather.

33. Organic Nursing Pads

Even though nursing pads are used externally, there is still a tendency that harsh chemicals from them will cause discomfort to women breastfeeding their babies. So as much as possible, mothers would rather use the organic ones.

View the tutorial here.

34. Quilted Play Mats

Typical play mats are made with foam or plastic, which actually aren’t budget-friendly. With this quilted play mats, mothers can just wash it.

View the tutorial here.

35. Personalised Drink Bottles

It just feels good to see your name on a bottle, right? Because it shows it’s exclusive for you.

View the tutorial here.

36. Monogrammed Duffel Bags

The same as with the bottle. Monogram on duffel bags or any bag shows ownership.

View the tutorial here.

37. Custom Wedding Portraits

Custom wedding portraits are a beautiful souvenir for the newly weds. And it’s cute!

View ideas here.

38. Wedding Favors in Bulk

There are a lot of expenses but it’s mandatory for the newly weds to give something to their guests. For those with limited budget, this kind of wedding favor is better because they can just give the money to you and you just have to depend the amount and the measurement of each favor according to the given budget.

View ideas here.

39. Personalised Planners

People use planners for themselves, and it would feel more personal writing on it if it’s personalised and made really just for them!

View the tutorial here.

bluesky planners for bloggers 6 | Stay at Home Mum.com.auImage Source: Pinterest

40. Palette Picture Frames

A classic frame for the lovers of classic!

View the tutorial here.

FWKUUZCISYTEOTQ.LARGE | Stay at Home Mum.com.auImage Source: Instructables

41. Pottery Fruit Bowls

If you love pottery, you can make a lot of bowls of different sizes and designs and sell them.

View the tutorial here.

fe570dd0b2b82f43436aacd5b732b2c6 | Stay at Home Mum.com.auImage Source: Pinterest

42. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns aren’t just for coachella! Some women even wear them on any occasion – even weddings!

View the tutorial here.

| Stay at Home Mum.com.auImage Source: Etsy

43.  Clay key chains

It’s not unusual for people to look for key chains with their names or even just their initials on it. Of course, they want to label their possessions to feel that those are really their own.

View the tutorial here.

20520237fb956f1260f199b7ad8f8538 | Stay at Home Mum.com.auImage Source: Pinterest

44. Crushed Glass Coasters

When a glass breaks, we tend to just throw the broken shards away. Instead of doing that, why not make money from it? Gather all the glass shards and recycle them.

View the tutorial here.

glass concrete new glass and concrete ocean sculptures by young glass fiber concrete countertops | Stay at Home Mum.com.auImage Source: pelphin

45. Metal Roses

Metal roses are a good decoration to every household. They can give a classy and elegant ambiance to it.

View the tutorial here.

22bd2ea4b8010b960b43ec796bf35153 | Stay at Home Mum.com.auImage Source: Pinterest

46. Comic Book Magnets

Don’t just throw away your Marvel comic books! Or any other comic books that you won’t read anymore! Make use of them!

View the tutorial here.

Comic Book Magnets 3 | Stay at Home Mum.com.auImage Source: Crafts by Amanda

47. Beaded Bracelets

Who says bracelets are only silver and gold?

View the tutorial here.

| Stay at Home Mum.com.auImage source: Etsy

48. Velvet Pillows

Do you know that velvet fabrics are strong? Not just strong, smooth and soft too! And compared to pure cotton, dirt doesn’t stick too much to them – so it can help with acne problems!

View the tutorial here.

| Stay at Home Mum.com.auImage Source: Etsy

49.  Arts and Prints

Digital portraits are a thing! They give quality and beauty on our interior, so it just makes sense that there are people who are really fond of spending time looking for arts and prints that blend to their walls!

View ideas here.

society | Stay at Home Mum.com.auImage Source: Cool Material

50. Digital Products

Not all people know how to build a website, use a software, do digital drawing, and the like. So instead of selling products, why not sell your skills instead? You won’t have to spend money, you just have to spend time improving your skills!

View ideas here.

digiseller colors | Stay at Home Mum.com.auImage Source: smallenvelop

What kind of product would you sell?

50 Craft Ideas to Make and Sell for a Profit Pinnable

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