50 Gift Ideas for 12-Year-Old Boys That They Actually Like

Here’s The Best Gift Ideas for 12-Year-Old Boys! They’re growing up fast— so uplevel your present ideas!

You know, 12-year-old boys are hard to buy for because they are in those difficult ‘transition’ years wherein toys are too young for them, but they are still kids and enjoy ‘some’. They are also growing up to be more aware of brands and sports clothing (which makes gifts a whole lot more expensive!).

So as I have two twelve-year-olds – I’ve put a list together of gifts ideas for 12-year-old boys.

These are gifts that I know my boys would love – and there is a huge variety of prices for every single budget.

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50 Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Boys That They Will Actually Like | Stay at Home Mum

Now, here’s the list of 50 Gifts Ideas for 12 Year Old Boys!

No longer a boy but not yet a man, your 12-year-old will surely go head-over-heels for a new pair of Converse Chuck Taylor shoes. Nothing beats a classic! Converse Chuck Taylor shoes can be worn day to night, for a walk around the park or to hang out with friends. Not only is it a fashion staple, but it’s also very practical.

BUT – even better is to get a custom pair of Converse.  Have his favourite music star’s face embossed on the front.  Or we love this pair of Harry Potter Converse – so cute!

Custom Pair of Converse | Stay At Home Mum

Coding is great fun for kids – and also educational! At the moment BYJU’s Future School is giving one lucky kid the chance to meet Cricket Legend Glen Maxwell. Sign up for a class today to be in with a chance!

BYJU | Stay at Home Mum.com.auGlen Maxwell

Get creative! Books can be a fun gift too. A How to Draw Manga lets a 12-year-old boy explore his creative side even more. And even if he has not found his touch with sketches yet, How to Draw Manga illustrates how it’s done in easy steps. Manga is a style of Japanese comics that have become popular across the globe in recent years. If you’ve seen the movie, Alita: Battle Angel, that’s a Manga adaptation.

Who knows, with this book, he might be a graphic artist for major movie companies 10 years from now! (Shout out to Andy Tong, a boy in my class at high school who actually did that!!!!)

Who wouldn’t want a pair of AirPods?! Heck, if you’ll give me one, I’ll thank you endlessly or I can even cook for you!

Apple AirPods are Bluetooth wireless earphones that are meant to operate with your iPhone and iPad. Moreover, because AirPods are Bluetooth audio gadgets, they can be used with nearly any other computer or smartphone; you can even link them with an Apple TV. While every iOS iPhone comes with a basic set of wired earphones, AirPods have several benefits that make them worth upgrading to.

Your kid can use this pair to relax after a long day at school or listen to calming music while studying.

List of Stockists:

Pair of Apple Air Pods | Stay At Home Mum

Is your kid a big fan of MJ or Lebron? Support the fanboy inside them with a basketball hoop present! They will surely love it! An indoor basketball hoop that has the look, feel, and sturdiness of a professional-grade hoop. There’s a shatterproof backboard, a spring-loaded ring, and a small basketball with a genuine feel. This ring is as authentic as they get for all your mini-hooping fun!

For youngsters of all generations, a tiny basketball hoop that can be mounted over any door means a lot of fun! I can tell you from personal experience that grownups may spend a whole afternoon shooting hoops!

Basketball Hoop | Stay At Home Mum

Start and train ’em young! Gifting them this Fitbit fitness tracker aesthetics will surely motivate them to do more!

The Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition will take your child’s wellness to the next level. This action-ready fitness band has a jacquard woven band and a traditional silicone band for two alternative styles, as well as Sleep Score, advanced fitness elements, voice control, a 4-day battery life, Fitbit Pay, and much more!

List of Fitness Tracker Stockists:

Fitness Tracker | Stay At Home Mum

Any boy who receives this gift is going to go crazy when they open their gift at Christmas time. These Virtual Reality Headsets are all the rage at the moment. They take gaming to the next level.

Now they ain’t cheap – but these are the best of the best – and they are on my kids Christmas list this year.

71VIukk03KL. AC SL1500 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Support your kiddo’s admiration of NASA!

The Shake & Shine Space Lamp will give your child’s room a quirky feel! The colour-changing LEDs in this tiny motion light may be triggered by shaking the lamp. This lamp is great for decorating your boy’s bedroom to provide it with a fun spirit! It features a fanciful astronaut print that will light up brilliantly against the glittering water.

Who knows? Maybe you have given birth to the next successful astronaut!

PhotoRoom 20210524 131114 4 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Giving your boy an Adidas as a present? Oh boy, he will surely adore you!

Adidas has a piece for any purpose, no matter what your kid’s activity and travel demands are. This roll-top backpack is the ultimate day bag, spacious enough to carry all their stuff, with a huge main compartment, cushioned laptop pocket, zippered front stash pocket, and prominent Adidas logo.

Adidas Roll-Top Backpack | Stay At Home Mum

This tricky 3D version of the conventional numerical placement problem Sudoku will leave your puzzle fan youngster scratching their heads in confusion!

Solve the cube problem by twisting the sides such that the numbers 1 to 9 are shown on each side. No number can appear on both sides at the same time. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t, and it certainly isn’t! This puzzle, designed by Mensa’s geniuses, is perfect for puzzle fans, tiny geniuses with high IQs, and anybody who likes arithmetic and numerical tasks.

Unleash the math genius in your kid!

the master guide to drawing anime 1 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Wingardium Leviosa! A golden snitch present to your kiddo will definitely wake up the Harry Pottahh in them!

With the officially approved Harry Potter Golden Snitch Remote Control Heliball Drone, you can learn to become a great Seeker!

Your Golden Snitch comes with a beautiful display plinth and collectible poster, and the original hand-painted and moulded body appears as it came straight out of a Harry Potter film. This Harry Potter present is beautifully wrapped and likely to wow witches, wizards, and muggles alike!

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Remote Control Heliball Drone | Stay At Home Mum

Let your kids complete that ‘project’ with their friends!

These TINY Walkie Talkies are great spy equipment and an absolute must-have for effective urban house combat. These babies may be little, but their ability is tremendous! They have a simple, minimalistic size, one-touch button operation, and a morse code key that can pierce steel, wood, and concrete.

The World’s Smallest Walkie Talkies are recommended by all modern espionage experts because they are trustworthy, practical, and simple to operate. Whatever your youngster’s espionage objectives, these walkie talkies will get the job done!

With this amazing kit, you can create your own outdoor recreation course!

With monkey bars, monkey fists, gym rings, and a traverse ring included, kids can release their inner monkey and convert this into an ultimate ninja-style course. or just use the leash to put your slacklining abilities to the test. There’s no need to be concerned if your backyard isn’t suited because everything fits in a handy tote bag.

Take it on the road and display it in other parks!

Ninja Line Kit | Stay At Home Mum

With the Old Gaming Plug & Play Console, your youngster may play their favourite retro games on a beautiful smart TV. Hours and hours of vintage gaming fun with 401 built-in classic games and two retro-styled controllers!

This device is so simple to operate that even the elderly would be able to use it. It doesn’t matter if you have a Smart TV or a conventional TV; this console is functional with both and includes RCA and power cables.

There’s no need to buy anything else!

Retro Plug & Play Console | Stay At Home Mum

With your very own invisibility cloak, you can bring the magic home!

On one side, you’ll see the same velvety design as in the movies. Green screen technology, on the other hand, delivers true enchantment. It uses the same special effects as the movie, so you’ll think Harry himself is envious of your new toy. Use it in conjunction with the free Wow! Stuff app to see your body vanish! Make illusions with floating items or recreate your favourite scenarios by seeing your own head float.

This fantastic fully licensed cloak is the closest you’ll ever get to owning the coolest of the three deathly hallows!

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak | Stay At Home Mum

Shifu’s Plugo kits are sweeping the world by storm, and they’ve finally arrived in Australia! ​

It’s a wonderful way to introduce kids to coding while simultaneously teaching them a variety of other skills. There are three core sets, one for arithmetic, one for constructing, and one for music. To begin, just roll out the gamepad, open the app, and insert your tablet or smartphone into the built-in slot.

 Education Game and Coding System | Stay At Home Mum

The SuperBot is a programmable robot that children can build themselves, exposing them to STEM ideas, which are the foundations of our tech-centric world.

Traditional industries are rapidly vanishing in favour of more skilled technological positions where coding, programming, and creativity are highly appreciated and in demand, so why not inspire your child to create and set them up for success in the best manner possible?

Building Block Robot | Stay At Home Mum

With the Star Trek Starship Enterprise-D Keyring, Trekkie fanatics can take the Enterprise-D with them everywhere they go!

This keychain is a 3D reproduction of the Enterprise-D, the Starship was seen in The Next Generation Star Trek series, and is made of sturdy metal to give it a substantial feel. The outside is embellished with ridges and ornamental features that aficionados will recognize from the actual thing.

This officially licensed Star Trek collectible comes beautifully packed and ready to amaze, and will leave your Trekkie, son… beaming!

Star Trek Starship Keyring | Stay At Home Mum

Most kids want to own their own cool scooter!

The Joey Glo Scooter from Crazy Skate Co will get your young one ready to roll!  With Protexion Pads, your child may seek thrills while avoiding cuts, grazes, and broken bones! This scooter is perfect for newbies since it has a CrazyTECH deck with steel reinforcement for long-lasting stability.

Your child will love this scooter for years to come thanks to an adjustable height T-bar that is suitable for growing youngsters.

Crazy Skate Scooter | Stay At Home Mum

It’s all about the claw!

This DIY hydraulic robot arm is a futuristic tool that can assist you with a variety of domestic chores thanks to its grasping and sucking capabilities! Use the lever controls to have it pick things up and set things down by rotating the base and wrist or using the shoulder and elbow motion.

There are no batteries or motors needed since the hydraulics take care of everything!

DIY Hydraulic Robotic Arm | Stay At Home Mum

This awesome beginner skateboard is great for your spidey fanboy!

The Playwheels Ultimate Spider-Man 21-Inch Wood Cruiser Skateboard offers a colourful deck with vibrant artwork of your child’s favourite characters. The thick, durable 9-ply maple deck is 21 inches long and provides a prospective border with just the proper amount of space to get started riding while still leaving room to improve. The unique grip surface keeps feet securely planted on the board, and the 6-inch deck width is ideal for practising balancing and ensuring good footing when riding.

A single kicktail makes navigating simple and provides a secure brake.

Spidey Eyes Wood Cruiser Skateboard | Stay At Home Mum

Get ’em hopping and jumping!

Pogo sticks are a fantastic way for kids, teens, and adults to keep active and healthy while having fun. Look no farther than the humble pogo stick for fresh and exciting ways to have fun!

The jackhammer pogo jumpers’ shafts are composed of a strong, long-lasting iron alloy. The grip on the handlebar is constructed of anti-skid ABS material with a protective cover. The pedal also has a good anti-skid function, which may prevent you or your child from slipping. The spring is constructed of strong and long-lasting manganese steel.

Jackhammer Hopper | Stay At Home Mum

With this fantastic Minecraft hoodie for boys and girls, be ready to game in snug and comfy Creeper style!

Ideal for kids and teens who like playing the famous Mojang video game Minecraft! The Minecraft Creeper hoodie for boys includes the famous green pixelated block print featured in the Minecraft video game, showing fan-favourite adversary, the Creeper, vs a black hooded sweatshirt, creating an outstanding must-have Minecraft Creeper disguise. The Minecraft emblem is boldly displayed on the Creeper hooded jumper for him, making it a fantastic Minecraft gift for gamers.

Minecraft Creeper Hoodie | Stay At Home Mum

“Sorry, mom! Can’t answer, my phone died!” Nah, not that excuse again kiddo!

Don’t be caught off guard! Rev up your fantastic smartphone before it turns into a worthless stone with this portable, pocket-sized power bank. You’ll have just enough energy to charge your phone twice, no matter where you are when it acts as a charger for your device (even when there are no plugs to be found). This is the power supply you’ll want to carry with you since it has a short circuit and overheat protection.

Best of all – it’s only $20!

Portable Power Bank Battery Charger | Stay At Home Mum

This game will entice your Fortnite enthusiast to put down the video game controller for a while.

The board game’s gameplay, style, and components are all inspired by the famous video game, featuring Fortnite locales and loot chest cards. Players receive Health Points instead of Monopoly money! Only $25!

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition | Stay At Home Mum

Getting up close and personal with a legend is every sports fan’s fantasy!  With this 17-session dribbling, shooting, and ball-handling MasterClass, they can—and it’s none other than NBA great Stephen Curry!—for only $15 a month.

Stephen Curry Basketball MasterClass | Stay At Home Mum

Wireless headphones are useful for schooling, playing music, and playing video games daily. And no one else in the family has to hear it!

With Beats Pure ANC (Adaptive Noise Cancelling) to dynamically block external noise and real-time audio optimization to retain definition, range, and emotion, the Studio3 Wireless Headphones provide a superior audio experience. They continuously identify ambient noises to prevent while automatically adjusting to individual fit in real-time, optimizing sound output to provide a premium listening experience – just as artists intended.

Beats Defiant Headphones | Stay At Home Mum

Prep your family for a fun and exciting movie night!

“Everything I learned, I learned from the movies.” -Audrey Hepburn

Not every poster is the same! This is a piece of art.

The finest and most recent list of must-see movies: They have everything from contemporary blockbusters to highly renowned films! From the most recent Oscar wins to vintage famous films, this interactive poster covers all genres.

Even though many of the movies will be for when your boy is older – it’s a great addition to his bedroom and will grow with him!

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster | Stay At Home Mum

He can play it at home or on the move (since he’s constantly on the run!).

Nintendo Switch, a revolutionary new home video gaming device, is now available! For the first time, you can link to your TV while also using the 6.2-inch screen to turn into an on-the-go portable, letting gamers enjoy a complete home console experience anytime, anywhere. Discover top-of-the-line gameplay like never before with the Nintendo Switch’s multi-touch screen and flexible Joy-Con controllers!

Look they aren’t cheap – but they will be enjoyed!

Nintendo Switch | Stay At Home Mum

It makes no difference if he’s previously heard of Harry Potter (or even read the entire book!). Still, he’ll like this box set, no matter what!

In honour of the 20th anniversary of the publishing of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, a new collector’s edition boxed set of the whole Harry Potter series has been released!

The whole bestselling Harry Potter series, volumes 1-7 by J.K. Rowling, is included in this valuable new boxed set, which has been brilliantly redesigned by Caldecott Medalist Brian Selznick. Lovely addition to any fan’s library, as well as a great way to introduce a new reader to this popular series.

Harry Potter Books Special Edition Boxed Set | Stay At Home Mum

His favourite video games will be taken to the next level with a new gaming monitor!

There is a gaming monitor for every budget!

71+AzRwtmSS. AC SL1500 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

It’s time to get a little gooey and creative! This colour-changing, the sparkly kit will surely inspire your little scientist.

With this ultimate slime kit, you can have sticky, gooey action! In this hands-on STEM activity kit, you pre-teen will learn how to produce different varieties of slimes, gooey worms, and other fun playing things, and the science behind those slimy slimes!

Ultimate Slime Kit | Stay At Home Mum

Calculators from the past are now considered antiques by youngsters!  If they like retro style, they’ll appreciate this well-reviewed timepiece.

“Necessity is not the mother of invention, invention is the mother of necessity.” – CEO of Casio

Casio’s founders were motivated to ‘invent need,’ creating devices that addressed unmet requirements with innovative capabilities never seen before. Casio has been doing precisely that ever since, delighting people all around the world with fresh discoveries! This is Casio’s contribution to a world that is even more wealthy and satisfying.

Casio Watch Calculator Databank | Stay At Home Mum

Is he a fan of Starwars and legos? Gift him this and he’ll surely love you even more!

This LEGO® brick-built model of the Imperial Light Cruiser opens up a galaxy of Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 experiences for fans (75315). It has a bridge that serves as a flying handle, two rotating turrets with spring-loaded shooters, as well as two tiny TIE Fighters and a launcher. The cabin, which contains a holographic table and stowage for the electrobinoculars and other supplementary parts, is accessed through a hatch.

Yellow Octopus Harry Potter Golden Snitch Heliball New 2 1024x1024 2 e1631059976914 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Get them up and going! This package comes with everything they’ll need to get started playing indoor table tennis, no expensive table is needed!

This table tennis set comes with four double-sided rackets and eight 1-star balls. For easy storage and transit, it comes with a zipped nylon carrying bag. The table tennis balls have an outstanding spin and a constant diameter, while the rackets give superb flexibility for all types of strokes!

Advanced Ping Pong Paddle Set | Stay At Home Mum

I got my son one of these for Christmas – let’s face it – it’s pretty damn hysterical!

101 Pooping Puppies 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

The quick satisfaction factor makes it much more entertaining than an iPhone!

You’ll adore having stunning photographs in the palm of your hand and making memories in a matter of seconds! The retro-styled Mini 11 quick camera has automatic exposure, Selfie mode, and flash, allowing users to catch all of their favourite fun moments in any light!

Instax Camera | Stay At Home Mum

Make your kid’s VR/AR much more exciting with this blaster gun! Oh, the ~feels~!

Use your lightning-fast reflexes and, of course, your Blaster Gun to shoot villains, zombies, and other terrifying creatures in virtual worlds.

The Blaster Gun is accessible with most smartphones (up to 17.7 cm wide) and has a battery life of about 40 hours.  Your Smartphone Blaster Gun comes in full-colour, attractive packaging boxes, making it a great hi-tech present for smartphone junkies who enjoy gun games!

VR/AR Bluetooth Blaster Gun | Stay At Home Mum

The 12th Doctor’s tool is faithfully recreated in this cosplay-ready realistic reproduction!

Throughout his existence, the Doctor has possessed a variety of Sonic Screwdrivers, ranging from a simple silver tube to more suspiciously complicated articulated versions. This multifunctional gadget comes from the hands of the 12th Doctor. It can unlock most locks, locate all kinds of harmful rays, read bio-signs, and create powerful sonic rays and has a variety of settings.

The 12th Doctor’s tool is carefully recreated in this cosplay-ready realistic replica. You’ll be able to toggle between static, flashing, and chasing light modes, as well as to conduct a variety of tool-waving things, all while listening to four cosmic sound effects!

Sonic Screwdriver With Light and Sounds | Stay At Home Mum

Do you recall this amusing desk old joke? That’s right! This quirky desk item is a classic, much like chocolate and vanilla. Place an object beneath the pins to make a delightful desk masterpiece that will help them relax!

3D Pin Art Sculpture | Stay At Home Mum

Spikeball is another present that the whole family will enjoy!  It’s no wonder that it’s so well-liked.

This game, which is similar to upside-down volleyball, is a fun and energetic new activity for 2 to 4 people.

The Pro-Kit is designed for dedicated players who have outgrown the Spikeball Kit. A net the size of a Hula Hoop is put at ankle level between two two-player teams. When the ball hits the net, it ricochets back at your opponents. They may then control it and bounce it back to you with up to three smashes (much like volleyball).

You score when they miss! The first team to reach 21 points wins.

Spikeball Pro Tournament Game Set | Stay At Home Mum

Take their phones away from them! This classic game will draw your entire family together for some face-to-face fun, not to mention the HP fan feels!

In this game of scrabble, there’s no such thing as magic!  Play against your friends and relatives using magical cards and extra words by being sorted into one of the four houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff.

Scrabble Harry Potter Edition | Stay At Home Mum

Enhance their hunting skills with these binoculars! Who knows? They might be the best Indiana Jones!

It’s never been so much fun to learn outside! Youngsters may now enjoy and study at the same time with the enhanced Shock Proof 8 x 21 Binoculars. These little binoculars are suitable for both boys and girls, but they are not to be mistaken for a toy! They perform admirably and offer a crisp, clear image. Give your youngster a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Kid's Binoculars | Stay At Home Mum

Blow their minds with science in this Nat Geo’s brain game!

Do you realize that your brain is the most efficient and sophisticated supercomputer ever created? It has complete power over your body, as well as everything you think and do. With these Brain Games, you can now put your brain to the test and see what it’s capable of!

Brain Games, inspired by the Emmy-nominated National Geographic Channel TV series, puts players’ minds and bodies to the test in many challenges. To check your reasoning, language, eyesight, and physical coordination, work with a partner and go head-to-head with your opponents. In this cerebellar duel, complete the mind-bending tasks and the first team to reach the finish line wins!

National Geographic Kids Brain Games | Stay At Home Mum

Lastly, uplevel your kiddo’s gaming piece with Razer’s BlackWidow! They’ll surely lurvvvv you for it!

With the BlackWidow V3, you can leverage the power, accuracy, and durability of Razer’s mechanical gaming keyboards to beat the open tournament. This keyboard includes Green Switches with a touch-sensitive, tactile response – intended for optimum gaming accuracy – and is built with a robust aluminium structure and Doubleshot ABS Keycaps to endure continuous usage.

Your kid will experience optimal gaming performance and soar to the pinnacle of every scoreboard in no time thanks to customizable Chroma RGB lighting, hybrid onboard storage, fully programmable keys, and an innovative wrist rest.

50. Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | Stay At Home Mum

This list pretty much covers everything a 12-year-old would want. I told you…We got you!

50 Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Boys That They Will Actually Like | Stay at Home Mum