60 Thoughts Everyone Has During Christmas Lunch

16. Alright, I need to get my hands on the turkey first. I want some dark meat.

17. Crap, why is Bernie taking all the good meat? SAVE SOME FOR THE REST OF US.

18. Please pass the turkey to the left. No?

19. Oh, thanks for the gravy, SHAME I HAVE NO FOOD YET.

20.Why are we eating a hot lunch? Why is Tom in a full Santa suit?

21. It is hotter than Hades out there. Why isn’t anyone talking about how hot it is?

22. Anyone heard of seafood? Salad? I need more champers over here.

23. How much food can I physically fit on my plate? Answer: MY EYES ARE WAY BIGGER THAN MY BELLY.

24. Oh great, Mum went back to the kitchen to grab more hot, hot gravy. We aren’t waiting for you!

25. I just want to eat!!

26. All I have had to eat today is three fun size mars bars.

27. I know. Wonderful breakfast.

28. Are they taking selfies of their food?

29. Hang on, how am I supposed to pass the rolls AND grab the salt while taking some Brussels sprouts? I only have two hands!

30. Everyone calm down! I’m not an octopus!