7 Tips on Choosing Interstate Courier Services

Interstate courier is a common delivery form where transport loads on one side and offloads on the other.

Interstate means that the courier services are offered in the same country. It’s the country’s most common, and over a thousand families rely on such services daily. 

Types of interstate courier

In Australia, there are two main types of interstate courier services: Economy and express interstate courier services.

It may not be easy to choose between the two; you have to check through relevant sites to get the courier companies with the best services at an affordable rate. 

What are courier interstate services for?

This is an ideal choice for companies and individuals that need to send parcels to other locations within the country. For many businesses, homes, and warehouses, the interstate is the predominant way of receiving parcels, and therefore those are the most common services among many. 

Why should you choose interstate courier services?

The interstate courier services come with so many advantages over any other type. One of the outstanding advantages is that you can get your parcels delivered even to the remotest places. It can also reach the remotest areas so abundant in Australia. The services ensure that no one is left out in deliveries.

What do you consider when choosing interstate courier services?


This is the most important of all factors. You need a company that has been in business for quite some time with a great understanding of the industry’s uniqueness. The more years a courier service has been in operation, the more the employees get used to delivering top-notch services.

Therefore, delivering your parcels is not something they find challenging. Even when you want a fragile delivery done or something sensitive, they know how to package and deliver it safely to your destination and at the agreed timelines.

Why choose a newbie that doesn’t have experience in the business? They may end up messing you up, and you’ll live to regret it. Yes, even newbies have talent, but this job is more of experience and skills than talent, so you may not have much room. 

Tracking capability

You want to be sure that your package is safe while on transit and the far it has reached for your planning. That’s why you need to work with an interstate courier service that understands the importance of tracking and provides such services to keep you updated on when to expect the delivery.

Gone are the days you’d get a company, then you wait without knowing the time you expect the delivery or whether something happened and there could be a delay.

Tracking allows you to prepare for delivery-thus if there are things you need to have before the delivery of, say, some space that needs to be prepared, that is done in time. 



Which courier service doesn’t value insurance cover? When sending valuable parcels or confidential information, you need a courier service with shipping insurance, which means you can file a claim in case your parcel gets lost or destroyed. 

Ensure the insurance cover is detailed and precise, with all the information that helps you understand the steps to take when your parcels get lost. 

The customer service

What else beats customer service? Who doesn’t want to be treated well, especially when you need interstate courier services? The first call you make to the courier company will tell you the kind of service you expect.

When you’ve your parcel in transit, you always want to confirm whether it’s in excellent condition and any other information that you may need. It’s so relieving to know that someone is ready to receive it every time you make a call and give you the correct information.

A great courier service offers 24/7 support that makes you comfortable, knowing that someone is on standby to help you just in case. 


The costs of courier services will often depend on market rates and the individual company. But you should never choose an interstate courier service company because they charge low prices for their services.

Research has shown that the cheaper the services, the more unpredictable the services, and most likely, you will get substandard services where you pay low. The first consideration when choosing a courier service is the quality of their services.

Check through the experience, customer service, and those other aspects; then you can compare their charges to see whether you’ll get value for money working with the courier services. The courier service may be slightly more costly than others, but if it meets the other criteria, you may have to go beyond your budget and hire such.

After all, your primary concern is not price but quality services. 

7 Tips on Choosing Interstate Courier Services | Stay At Home Mum

The appearance

They say “appearances don’t last,” but you can be sure it’s the first thing you see flipping through their web pages or when you visit them in their offices. Who wants to work with disorganized and “dirty” people? Even walking into their office washrooms will tell you how serious the interstate courier service is. Jokers will always be jokers in everything.

Don’t ignore the minor flaws you see, like poor arrangement of parcels, staff grooming, and team language. 

The effort they put into their offices, vehicles, and the staff will tell you how serious they will be handling your goods or parcels. 

Range of services

Check out the flexibility of services they offer. It’s not just about fulfilling orders; a reputable courier service provides a full range of services like packaging logistics on warehouse management and multi-drop deliveries.

Why would you hire an interstate courier service which offers two or three services, and thus you’re forced to hire extra services at a cost?

Gets one offering every relevant service, they will charge higher, but it’s better.

When choosing an interstate courier service, be clear on the types of services you need and parcels to be delivered.

That way, you know who can give you quality services at an affordable fee. Most importantly, find out if the company has enough equipment and vehicles to ensure safe delivery.