8 Baby Bumps that are Super Weird and FREAKY

Most women are very conscious of their growing baby bellies during pregnancy. Some love it while others don’t really enjoy it at all.

It can really be such an amazing time to watch your body change as that new little life grows inside you.
And when baby starts to move around and get more active, boy can it look freaky at times.

Sometimes you are left with a bump that looks like something out of the Exorcist. Just like these freaky bumps… Warning if you hate scary movies you might find some of these freaky bumps a bit too much for you!

8 Weird Baby Bumps

Father-to-be, Zach Beatty, shared a video of his little man, Benjamin attempting to push his way out of the womb at 38 weeks gestation.
The video has been seen over 16.8 million times

At one stage mum laughs, “I seriously think he’s going to burst out.”

Photoshop or real?  Either way this is pretty darn cute!

I think this lady is expecting a watermelon not a baby!

This little bump looks like it is playing a game of soccer. Poor mum!

Alien for sure!

Now this one just looks like that baby is popping straight out the belly button any minute now…

We can’t forget Octomum, she did amazing to carry all those babies at once!

What does the shape of your baby bump mean?

If you believe the old wives’ tales, a bump that sits high on the stomach means you’re having a boy, while a low, rounded bump that spreads over the waist and hips is a girl.
But experts say this is nonsense.

‘Babies vary in shape and size, but nowhere near as enormously as bumps do,’ explains Sarah Fox, policy adviser at the Royal College of Midwives. ‘The bump of a 10lb baby can look smaller than that of a 6lb baby, depending on the shape of the mother’s body.’

Short women often appear to have larger bumps

A short torso means there is less room for the uterus to grow upwards between the pelvis and the ribs, so it has no option but to expand outwards as the baby grows. In a woman with a longer torso, the uterus stays narrow and the bump looks smaller.

Tight abs offer more support and lift to a growing uterus, so fit mums-to-be often carry higher, particularly with a first pregnancy.

The bigger the dad, the bigger the bump

The Parents build is often linked to a baby’s birth weight, and many women think it accounts for their bump’s shape and size.

Did you experience any freaky looking baby bump movements during your pregnancy? They can be slightly terrifying if you look too closely but very entertaining as well!

8 Weird and FREAKY Baby Bumps | Stay At Home Mum