9-month pregnant woman hires killers to bump off friend

  • Ahmedabad Mirror
  • 04-09-2022 06:00 AM

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Three contract killers entered Vaishali’s car and allegedly strangulated her

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Accused Babita Kaushik, (R) deceased Vaishali Balsara

Babita borrowed Rs 25 lakh from Vaishali and then hired contract killers for Rs 8L to get the latter killed

Money was enough motivation for a pregnant woman to get her friend killed. A nine-month pregnant Babita Jignesh Kaushik, 29, from Valsad hired contract killers to bump off her friend Vaishali Hitesh Balsara to avoid returning Rs 25 lakh she had borrowed from her.

Babita is due to give birth on Sept 6 
SP Valsad Rajdeepsinh Jhala said the court granted them two days remand of Babita. “Since she is due to give birth anytime, we arrested her but put her under constant medical care. She is accompanied by a woman constable and her husband who is into glass and fibre marketing in Ahmedabad is allowed to be with her,” said Jhala.
The court while granting remand of Babita directed the cops to ensure an ambulance is on standby for emergency. 
Loan return pretext
Police said Vaishali, a young and talented professional singer who performed during Navratri and other programmes, with her guitarist husband Hitesh, set up an antique shop in the City Tower area of Valsad a year ago.
Sometimes back Babita borrowed Rs 25 lakh from Vaishali but was unable to return the money. Vaishali meanwhile insisted on being paid. The pregnant Babita decided to get rid of her friend to avoid returning the money. 
“On August 15, Babita contacted three contract killers through a source to kill Vishali. She called them up on August 17 to finalise the deal for Rs 8 lakh,” Jhala said.
On August 28, Babita called Vaishali and apologised for not returning the money on time. She then lured Vaishali to an isolated spot near Par River at Pardi for a meeting. Babita parked her moped a km away and went to meet Vaishali in an auto to avoid being spotted. She handed over a bag containing Rs 8 lakh to Vaishali. 
CCTV footage revealed that Babita was accompanied by three others in the auto who later entered Vaishali’s car and allegedly strangulated her. A day later cops found the car with Vaishali’s body in it.
Jhala said the presence of three people in the CCTV footage raised red flags about Babita’s involvement. 
“We dug deep and found that Babita owed Vaishali money and so brought her for questioning,” said Jhala.
Babita tried to mislead us with stories about a mysterious man she had seen near the river bed, said Jhala. He said Babita’s call records, CCTV footage and witness statements however nailed her and she confessed to hiring the killers to get rid of Vaishali.
Jhala said given the accused’s condition, they could not question her forcefully, but the statement of the auto driver who drove the accused and the three killers to the crime scene nail the crime.

Vicious scheming
Police said Babita gave her friend Vaishali a bag with Rs 8 lakh making her believe that she was returning part of the borrowed money. Babita had asked the contract killers to take the Rs 8 lakh from Vaishali once they killed her. The money she paid Vaishali was the contract money that she was to pay the killers. A police official said the contract killers will be arrested soon.