‘A Used Vagina’ Means Women Have Less Value? WTF

Misogynistic Podcasters are making headlines by telling men about the ‘Value’ of women and what ‘De-values’ them.

And apparently – if a woman has ever had sex (or God forbid, a baby), she has a ‘Used Vagina’ and therefore has ‘Less Value’ as a woman.

Oh but don’t worry – it gets better. These Podcasters talk about being ‘High-quality men’. Their definition of being a ‘High-quality man’ includes having a public persona, lots of money, fancy cars and ‘game’. Going by that definition, the most ‘High-quality Man’ in Australia would be Kyle Sandilands, and I still wouldn’t fuck him if it depended on the future of the entire human race. Ewwwww.

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The ‘Perfect Man’ – yeah nah…….

Oh but back to what deems women less valuable.

  • Stretch Marks
  • Women who Chase Men
  • Women who have an opinion
  • Women who are disobedient to men
  • Obese women
  • Women who don’t go the gym

High-quality women are apparently:

  • Virgins
  • Go to the gym 4 million times per week
  • Are skinny
  • Hairless
  • Have enormous perky real breasts
  • Earn an enormous amount of money

Lucky for all these people – we found the ‘Highest-quality’ woman in the world. Meet Pam. Now we aren’t sure if she has a hairless badger – but she does meet all the other qualities. Good on you Pam!

Pam is a cabaret singer from the UK who is saving her virginity for her husband-to-be. She is 70 and is still looking for Mr Right!

 Pam ShawPam really is the Perfect Woman

Another ‘Popular’ Podcast this week made headlines when the ‘man’ (and I use that term lightly) stated that his future wife had better lose all the weight after giving birth or she would be kicked to the kerb. There has been an uproar about it. I think we forget that these podcasters are just children and haven’t yet met a real woman, or had a real deep meaning relationship (except with their hand).

Women Need to Stop Listening To This Bullshit

I really hate it when these types of people create an uproar in the media. Because there are girls and women out there who are still growing and learning in themselves, that will listen to this crap. And this is the sort of crap that makes women doubt their own self-worth and that creates eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and deep insecurities.

REAL men don’t want this.

Let’s talk about our version of a real man huh.

A real man:

  • Cares for the people in his life.
  • Doesn’t ‘control’ the people in his life.
  • Supports womens choices (particularly over their body autonomy)
  • Understanding of the changes in womens bodies
  • Views women as partners, not possessions
  • Loves hearing differing opinions to his own
  • Aren’t mysoginistic
  • Isn’t a douche canoe.
  • Will make their partner the odd breakfast in bed.

Anyway – rant over!

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