‘America’s Got Talent’ Favorite Madilyn Bailey Shares Details on IVF Journey

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America’s Got Talent stand out, Madilyn Bailey, took to social media to update her fans on her hopeful journey to motherhood. The Season 16 semifinalist informed her nearly 1 million Instagram fans that she was on day eight of her IVF (In vitro fertilisation) cycle. She posed and beamed with joy, optimistic that her journey will help her welcome a child soon.

The singer married husband, James Benrud, in a lavish ceremony back in 2014. Eight years later, the couple is ready to welcome their first child.

“Bet you can’t tell that I’m on day 8 of my IVF cycle,” Madilyn posted, wearing her signature pink look.

Madilyn continued to tease her fans on Instagram stories. The singer posted what seemed to be a sonogram and playfully asked her fans if the “baby” looked like her. Madilyn went on to explain that she knew many fans would come to the conclusion that she was pregnant.

Madilyn cleared up any confusion and said that the picture she posted was just her follicles. As of now, Madilyn is gearing up for her egg retrieval. After that process she will find out more information regarding her IVF process. However, the America’s Got Talent singer holds out hope that “it could be a baby at some point.”

America’s Got Talent Fans Flock to Support Madilyn Bailey

Madilyn says that “It’s exciting” to think about what IVF could do for her and her family. Fans are equally excited for their favorite America’s Got Talent contestant. Her instagram comments are flooded with well wishes and prayers for good news. It is no surprise that Madilyn has plenty of well wishes. She has 13 million social media followers who tune in to hear her original songs, covers, and watch her family vlog.

Back in 2017, during the rise of video content, Madilyn recorded one of her first vlogs with her husband. During their quick Q&A, fans were already wondering if the two wanted to expand their family. At the time, Madilyn mentioned that she did not know if she wanted to have kids. She did claim that she wanted kids, but was not sure if she wanted to physically carry.

Madilyn also mentioned that she wanted to adopt, seeing as though half of her siblings are adopted. Five years later, Madilyn is sure that she is ready to welcome a child into the world.

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