An Honest Weight Watchers Reimagined Review + Offer

Weight Watchers Reimagined Review + Offer

Weight Watchers has changed, it has adapted and changed to help make it easier for people to access support and advice when it comes to starting a weight loss journey.

The Weight Watchers Reimagined program has taken over 3 years to create, with extensive scientific research being done about how to best support people to achieve their weight loss goals. The program is more personal, offering more support and accountability.

This program includes not just meal planning, but also, exercise, sleep and mindset. When you join Weight Watchers Reimagined, you gain access to plenty of support. There are coach-led sessions, 1 on 1 private coaching, a social community and 24/7 chat available.

It aims to keep you accountable, with weekly check-ins and progress trackers that aren’t just all about the scales.

Weight Watchers Reimagined: The Sign Up Process

When you first join up to Weight Watchers Reimagined, there is a personal assessment where they assess what type of foods you like, how long you sleep and how often you are active throughout the day, plus a few other things. Based on the answers you provide, a meal plan will be selected for you that will help you achieve your goals. The Weight Watchers Reimagined meal plans that are selected for you will be based on colours such as green, blue or purple.

These plans are based on a smart points system, which is a system designed to encourage you to eat healthier. The points system is based on nutritional value, so you get a certain amount of points to use per day, and can choose to spend those points as you wish. There are also zero points of food which include things like fruits, veggies and protein. Weight Watchers offer over 6,000 recipes and is also a restaurant finder.

There is also a “What’s in the Fridge” feature that will help you meal plan based on what you have already got in the fridge. Handy!

View myWW+ Recipes > 

Weight Watchers Review: How Does it Work?

Depending on a wide range of factors and a combination of how aggressive you want the weight loss to be and what WW recommends you get an allocation of points each day. You then tailor your meal plan to use up your available points that reset each day.

Weight Watchers Review Meals | Stay at Home

Less Aggressive: Green Meal Plan

Blue Meal Plan

  • moderate smart points budget
  • 200+ zero points foods
  • View Meals >

Most Aggressive: Purple Meal Plan

  • smaller smart points budget
  • 300+ zero points foods
  • View Meals >

You can also change the colours if one meal plan isn’t working. Weight Watchers recommend trying a meal plan for two weeks to see if you can get into the routine. All you need to do is hop onto the myWW+ app to change your meal plan.

Want to give it a crack? Below is a myWW+ sign up offer

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Weight Watchers Review: Exercise

By moving your body and upping your activity level, you also earn FitPoints. Fitpoints also take into account your height, weight, age and gender. You can sync your fitness watch with myWW+, and just earn your fit points that way! Handy!

MyWW+ also offer audio workouts via the app with Aaptiv trainers, with different levels of abilities.

Weight Watchers Review: Mindset

Mindset is another aspect of the Weight Watchers Reimagined program. The Weight Watchers program offers guided meditations through its partnership with Headspace. 

There is also the option to connect with other people on Connect – which is the social community for Weight Watcher members only.

Weight Watchers Review: Sleep

The myWW+ app will also give you bedtime reminders, and track your sleep. It’s handy, and overall reviews show the myWW+ app is really valuable. 

Weightwatchers Reimagined Review: My Thoughts

When I started looking into the myWW+ program, I was a little overwhelmed and confused. There was so much information, and it took me a while to understand how Weight Watchers works and where to start. Maybe I need some more coffee? It is a tad confusing at first compared with other weight loss programs.

I can see Weight Watchers have worked tirelessly to come up with a program that covers all aspects of losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. That, in itself, is a massive achievement. This program would be great for someone who needs accountability and support losing weight. The program offers support from coaches, so if you are feeling a bit lost and need to be kept on track, it’s a great option.

Once started, and really understood what the Weight Watchers program offered, I was really impressed. As a weight loss program that isn’t just a meal plan but offers everything else to help live healthier, I would recommend signing up.

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We hope you enjoyed this Weight Watchers Review (myWW+). Overall for the small monthly subscription cost, wealth of knowledge and easy to follows plan, we would highly recommend giving it a try.