Anti-Aging Supplements for Busy Moms

Now that I am in my forties I am feeling the effects of the aging process on my body.  I have less energy and my metabolism is slowing down.  I still need to keep up with my active young children.  Busy moms like myself often wish there was a miracle cure to slow down the aging process. I would love to just wave a magic wand and become 30 again.

When I was 30 I exercised more, my hair wasn’t as gray and I was strong enough to carry around two babies at once, one on each hip.  Magic wands do not exist but anti-aging supplements that claim to give you more energy and feel youthful again do.  Do these supplements actually work? Is it worth it for busy moms to invest time and money into taking an anti-aging supplement?

I did some research and tried out a new anti-aging supplement from Neurohacker.  The results may surprise you. First I will explain what supplements actually work to combat the aging process.

If you truly want to reverse time and look and feel younger you must take supplements that help your overall health, skin, energy, the aging process and brain function.

Overall Health Supplements for Anti-Aging

Take a good multivitamin.  Women’s multivitamins usually contain vitamins, A, C, D and E as well as niacin, B vitamins, folate and zinc.  Some women’s multivitamins may also contain calcium and traces of other minerals.  Busy moms don’t always get the proper nutrition from food. Taking a good multivitamin will help supplement your diet and give you the energy you need to keep up with your children.

The average cost of good women’s multivitamins is roughly thirty cents per dose. You can get a month’s supply for under $10.

Our bones shrink as we age. Women especially need extra calcium every day for strong bones.  Take a supplement that also includes Vitamin D. Vitamin D  helps keep bones strong  by assisting your body in the absorption of calcium. It also improves muscle strength. Children also need Vitamin D to build strong bones, and adults need it to keep their bones strong and healthy. Magnesium can also help your body absorb calcium.

Magnesium is roughly 18 cents per dose. You can get a month’s supply for under six dollars. Calcium with Vitamin D sells for about ten cents per dose.  You can get a two month supply for six dollars.

If you want to look younger it is important that you take a good hair, skin and nails supplement. These supplements usually contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients for healthy hair, skin and nails plus Biotin, an important B Vitamin that supports skin and hair health. You can get a good hair skin and nails formula for about seven cents per dose. That is roughly five dollars for a two months supply.

Taking a fish oil supplement high in omega 3 helps you stay healthy and young in many ways. Omega 3 fatty acids improve heart function, help your brain stay sharp, regulate mood, support good mental health, keep your hair and skin look healthy and young and can boost your immune system.

A good fish oil supplement will cost about 16 cents per dose.  That is less than five dollars for a month supply.

These are the only supplements that you will need to stay healthy and look and feel younger. Below is the total cost breakdown for a one month supply of the above supplements.

Women’s Multi: $10

Magnesium: $6

Calcium with Vitamin D: $3

Hair Skin and Nails Supplement: $2.50

Omega 3 Fish Oil: $5

Total Cost:  $26.50

You only have to spend $30 a month on nutritional supplements to combat aging, look younger, feel younger and stay healthy for your children.

Eternus by Neurohacker contains more than enough ingredients to fight the aging process. In fact it has too many expensive supplements in the formula.  It probably works great to reverse the aging process, but it is impracticable for busy moms on a budget.  Check out the supplement facts label below.

Eternus Supplement Facts

On the box it states, “Suggested Use: Take 8 capsules with at least 8 ounces of water in the morning with food.”

Eight capsules?? Are you kidding? I have never ever seen this kind of dose recommendation on a supplement box before. A formula like this should be in a powder that you mix with a beverage, not as a vegetarian capsule. The label also says that there are only five servings in the bottle. Eternus sells for $139 at for a one month supply. This is way too expensive for busy moms on a budget.

If you have the money and combating the aging process takes priority in your life, then go ahead spend $140 on a supplement that requires you to take eight capsules at once. I would prefer to stick with my five go-to supplements and spend only $30 a month.  It also takes less time to swallow five capsules than eight.

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