Are Grans Old Remedies Dangerous to Your Child?

Are Grans Old Remedies Dangerous to Your Child?

The question is: Are Grans Old Remedies Dangerous to Your Child?

It’s possible. Grandma’s old remedies can actually be a danger to your child.

Like, don’t freak if you find your baby sucking on a honey-dipped dummy when you return from that quick doctor’s appointment.

Grandparents Can be out of date when it comes to kids health and safety

Dr Andrew Adesman MD said at a Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting in San Francisco that, ‘When grandparents step up to the plate, it can be wonderful for grandchildren but can also pose challenges in terms of lifestyle, finances and mental and physical health to a somewhat older or elderly cohort.”

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Dr Adesman said that in the decades since grandparents had raised their own children, certain parenting practices and health beliefs have evolved, which they can often be unaware of, especially the latest health and safety information for kids.

In his US-based research, he found that 44 percent of the 636 grandparents surveyed mistakenly believed that ‘ice baths are a good way to bring down a very high fever.’

While once held to be true, now it has been found that giving a feverish child an ice baths puts them at risk of hypothermia.

And 25 percent did not know that ‘infants should be put to sleep on their back, not on their stomach or side. Sleeping on the stomach or side is now considered to be a major risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

10 Old Wives Tales You Need to Ignore ASAP

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Old Wives Tales that grandparents are more likely to still use include:

  • Butter is a good first-aid remedy for minor burns
  • Rub whiskey or brandy on teething gums
  • Ice baths
  • Sleeping baby on their tummy
  • Rubbing alcohol lowers a baby’s fever
  • Blowing smoke in baby’s ear will cure an ear infection
  • Bathe baby in stout for beautiful skin
  • Feed A Cold, Starve A Fever – the old wives tale believes to treat a cold, you should give a lot of food to eat, and if they have a fever, you shouldn’t give them anything at all to eat.
  • Wearing shoes will help a toddler learn to walk
  • Dipping baby’s dummy in honey or sugar syrup to help settle

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Meanwhile, 62 per cent wrongly believe that scrapes and cuts heal better without a bandage, according to Dr Adesman’s research.

Some old wives tales that (might) still work

One old remedy I do still love to use is a honey and lemon mix when the kids have a sore throat. Always works a treat!

Place an onion in your room to help ease a cold.

And of course a bowl of chicken soup DOES fix everything!

Carrots really are good for your eyes.

An apple a day will keep the doctor away. Or at least keep you healthy and regular.

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It is important that parents update Grandparents on current health care practices

Dr Adesman said: ‘It’s important that paediatricians (and parents!) don’t make the mistake of taking for granted that because these grandparents have raised children already, they have the wisdom of the ages.’

Be sure to inform them of changing medical advice and don’t be afraid to leave a checklist on the fridge of what to do in an emergency.

First aid training is a good idea for all ages

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St John provides a full range of best practice certified, customised and online first aid training with flexible delivery options available throughout Australia. St John can also assess your first aid workplace needs by arranging a Best Practice First Aid Readiness assessment.

Find all the details here.

If you are short on time there are some great first aid facts online HERE.

Are Grans Old Remedies Dangerous to Your Child? | Stay At Home MumAre Grans Old Remedies Dangerous to Your Child?