art: ‘quality Of Art Labs Key To Ivf Treatment’ | Chandigarh News

Chandigarh: With the development of new techniques and procedures to treat infertility, perceptions and concerns of the medical fraternity as well as the public has also evolved. While deliberating on the IVF, Dr Pooja Mehta, a gynaecologist at a private hospital said, “Access to a great IVF lab can greatly raise your chances of success in your fertility treatment.”
There could be plenty of reasons behind the failure of in vitro fertilization. “One of the most overlooked and yet crucial aspects of failure of IVF is the quality of ART labs. In IVF ,after undergoing the egg retrieval procedure the focus of cycle moves to the fertility lab, this is where the IVF part of your treatment actually happens because an enormous role in fertility treatment as any other aspect of a potential clinic is an often invisible factor which deeply affects treatment and it can make or break the success of cycle,” said Dr. Parminder Kaur, a senior consultant at a private hospital.
Dr. Sunita Chandra, said, “ IVF is the process of forming new life and that’s why it has a limited success rate which varies from 40 to 50% in less than 35 years of age. lab conditions have to be good for embryo formation.”