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  • 13-12-2021 02:00 PM

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Dr Prakash Kurmi

 I am 83 and suffer from fluctuating blood sugar levels. It was found that the increase in blood sugar is due to intake of steroid Wysolone 5 mg almost daily with frequent breaks and gaps for almost 30 years. I am suffering from pemphigus vulgaris for which steroid is a must.  Medicines, diet control, and exercise help but I have to be always under watch for my diabetic condition.  
What is your advice to me?   

If inevitable, try to restrict steroids at the lowest dose or take it on alternate days. Avoid systemic use. Insulin is best for you to control sugar with some newer oral medications. 

 I’m 31 and diabetic.  I got married recently. Will I be able to have children? Somebody told me that diabetics have an infertility problem.
If you control sugar well, you can live a normal life like a 
non-diabetic would. Fertility and sexual function will be normal for you. Best of luck.

 As a Type 2 diabetic, is it okay to eat a sugary ‘cheat-meal’ once a week (i.e., burgers, fried chicken, etc) assuming the rest of the week’s diet is on point and healthy along with regular workout?
Yes, you can have diet and food as per your wish one in a week or two weeks. Keep the diet low in calories and high in fibre. 

 If a person with Type 2 diabetes has brought their blood glucose in the normal range (and not even the prediabetic range) without medication, are they ‘cured’? If not, what are they?
Not cured, but controlled it is. Usually, if a person is diabetic, he will remain in the same condition physiologically but his stage may change with his lifestyle. If he doesn’t stick to good habits, he can turn into a diabetic anytime unless the diabetes is secondary due to some drugs like steroids or other conditions. 

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