Assisted fertilization: infertility on the rise, also the fault of poor nutrition

Finally, the SIRU experts recommend posting a lot more attention to labels on food packaging. “Basically we have to be careful of phthalates and al bisphenol A, which are contained in the pan linings as in plasticized containers for food, and also present in some supplements and some medications. And also al sodium glutamate and ai hydrogenated fats»Comments Allegra.

And for food, «for example, when buying egg, an important source of noble proteins, it is best to make sure that they come from hens raised on the ground – says Minasi – A fertility-friendly diet also includes alternation between different protein sources, preferring fish to red meat whenever possible“.

The consumption of dried fruit, which is rich in essential fatty acids known to be beneficial for fertility. But be careful not to exaggerate your eating habits: every now and then the sneak is allowed and represents a way to resume your path with more determination. “That is fine one free meal per week, without exaggerating », Minasi suggests. THE sweets, he adds, they are not banned: “By now, low-sugar foods such as peanut butter or dark chocolate are quite common.”

To define a food program, this could be a list to follow: “For theman, I suggest to consume antioxidant substances (tomatoes, carrots and dried fruit) and absolutely avoid smoking – explains Allegra – For the women, yes to unsaturated vegetable oils, vegetable proteins (peas, beans and nuts), slowly absorbed carbohydrates such as whole grains. Then it is better not to drink skimmed milk, but yogurt and supplement the diet with foods rich in iron (pumpkin, spinach, beets, beans) ».

In any case, the definition of a nutritional program together with your doctor or the nutrition specialist it is very important to reduce the risks for general health and improve your physical condition before facing the delicate path of pregnancy.

Physical activity

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“Physical activity helps to lose weight and therefore improves fertility – concludes Allegra – But remember not to overdo it, because strong thinness, like theobesity, determines anovulation and therefore infertility. As an example, classical in this regard is the anovulatory condition with consequent infertility of professional ballet dancers who are often considerably underweight, or even models ».

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