Aussie teen who fell pregnant aged 13 describes what happened after she was labelled ‘Australia’s youngest mum’?

When Mollie Kaur fell pregnant aged 13, she was met with judgmental eyes and labelled ‘Australia’s youngest mum’.

Six years on, a lot has changed for the now-21-year-old from Melbourne.

Mollie now has two children, aged six and four, and the disability support worker tells 7Life her kids have brought out the very best in her.

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Mollie with Theodore (right) and Delilah (back left). Credit: Supplied

“I absolutely love the chaos and I don’t regret having my family,” Mollie explains.

“But my outlook on having children very young has changed … six years ago I would have said just go for it, don’t listen to other people.

“Now, I know why people told me to wait longer. If you are unexpectedly pregnant at a young age, just consider your circumstances and think hard about if you are in the right position to raise a child.”

Pregnant at 13

Mollie will never forget the moment her positive pregnancy test glared up at her.

What she assumed was a bout of gastro, leaving her vomiting multiple times a day, was in fact morning sickness.

Mollie was 13. Her boyfriend, Oscar, was 14.

The two teens were about to have a child of their own.

Scared, neither told their families of the development at first – and when they finally did, the word “termination” was raised.

Delilah is now four and Theodore is six. Credit: Supplied

But abortion was never an option for Mollie, who by now had moved in with Oscar and his dad.

Oscar supported Mollie’s decision but as the young student neared her due date, she found herself ostracised in the schoolyard.

“Former friends put nasty things on Facebook,” Mollie previously told that’s life!

“One just wrote ha ha ha on a post announcing my pregnancy.

“It hurt, but that wasn’t all I had to endure. As my bump grew, I could feel stranger’s eyes boring into me.”

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In March 2016, baby Theodore was born.

“I’d been scared of giving birth but I did it naturally and drug free,” Mollie says.

With a new grandson, both Mollie and Oscar’s families surrounded the new parents with love and support and pitched in to help whenever they could.

Oscar got a job as an apprentice and Mollie worked hard to finish her education at a school dedicated for young mums.

The family of three moved out into their own place, not far from Mollie’s mum when the teens discovered they were expecting another baby.

While the pregnancy was unexpected, Mollie, then 15, was excited to grow a sibling for Theodore.

And nine months later, in December 2018, Delilah was lovingly welcomed into the world.

Mollie met Manu online and the pair quickly hit it off. Credit: Supplied

The teens worked hard to balance study with work and family responsibilities but they amicably ended their relationship in 2019.

“We just grew apart, we weren’t compatible anymore,” Mollie says of the circumstances.

“Why be unhappy together when we can be happy apart – we are still very harmonious.”

Dating with two kids

As they celebrated their 18th birthdays separately, both parents decided to date other people.

Mollie jumped online and set up a dating profile.

“I guess that’s just the modern-day love story,” she laughs.

“But, there was a lot of trial and error … a lot didn’t pass the stepdad vibes.

“I was super hesitant to bring anyone around my kids until they proved it to me.”

After a few failed dates and online conversations, Mollie met Manu.

Manu took Mollie to India to introduce her to his family. Credit: Supplied

“He was just refreshing,” she recalls their first date.

“He is quiet and very different to me, we are like opposites I suppose.”

Slowly they began dating, with Mollie particularly falling for his close-knit family.

Manu introduced his new girlfriend to his family in Australia and taught her about his Indian culture and extended family who still live in his home country.

Mollie was touched by the open-armed welcome she received from his family near and far.

Soon after, she decided to introduce Manu to Theodore and Delilah.

Mollie fell for Manu’s love, dedication and respect for family. Credit: Supplied

“At first they weren’t really sure,” she says.

“But he was so great with them and honestly, now they are inseparable.

“They can’t wait for him to come home from work and Manu loves them like his own.”

With her relationship blossoming, the pair soon moved in together, getting engaged shortly after.

Embracing Manu’s heritage, Mollie converted to Sikhism and took the traditional surname Kaur in honour and respect to her new community.

The couple also travelled to India where Mollie was once again showered with love and welcomed into Manu’s family.

Study, work and kids

Meanwhile, Mollie continued to juggle the kids and also began working as a teacher’s aid before moving into aged care.

“I wanted to do something that would help others, that would be rewarding for other people,” she says.

“It gives me purpose and is super rewarding.”

Her personal goals aside, Mollie says her kids were the real drive behind her career path – explaining that she wants them to be proud of the person she has become.

Mollie is now 21 and her eldest son Theodore is six. Credit: Supplied

Now, Mollie is a disability support worker and loves every aspect of her job.

Her kids are still keeping her on her toes but the 21-year-old wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Theodore is now six and three quarters … I can’t just say six because he gets very angry,” Mollie laughs.

“Delilah is a very active four-year-old who loves to draw and is very artsy.”

Oscar still plays a big role in the kids lives, visiting a few afternoons a week and seeing them every other weekend.

He currently has a partner who he shares two children with.

Delilah and Theodore has welcomed Manu into the fold. Credit: Supplied

“I have never regretted having my family, I love them so much,” Mollie says.

“Honestly, I should get it tattooed on my forehead I say it that much but I don’t know what I would do without them.

“At that stage, it was really difficult but there was so much love … it’s hard work but it was so rewarding.

“They are my purpose.”

As for other young mums, Mollie’s advice is to listen to your heart.

“One piece of advice I would give is to not waste money on expensive kids’ clothes,” she says.

“I wish that money I spent I put into a savings account for them or put it towards a car.”

With her kids, work, two dogs and planning her dream Indian wedding, Mollie says her “chaotic life” is what brings her the most joy.

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