Becoming parents through open adoption: South Dakota couple shares their story

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — November is national adoption month, a time to raise awareness about adoption issues and the need for more adoptive and foster families across the country.

One KELOLAND family shares what led them to adoption and what the process looks like.

“I’m a planner, so I like to know when things are coming and that really doesn’t happen with adoption, you realize things are in God’s hands, not yours. you just wait and learn,” Stacy Reck said. 

Open adoption connects two South Dakota families for life

Stacy and Kasey Reck’s journey to parenthood was filled with a lot of waiting.

“We tried to have kids on our own, we tried for about seven years with multiple infertility struggles,” Reck said. “So just kind of prayed a lot about it, tried to decide what was our next way to have a family. We did a lot of discussing and finally we were like, I think adoption is the right choice for us,” Stacy said.

But starting the adoption process would add its own unique challenges.

“You definitely have to be ready for it because it’s an emotional rollercoaster,” Stacy said. “If you’re in it just because of infertility issues you really have to make sure you’re in it for the right reason because the infertility issue doesn’t go away. You have to be ok with knowing that you’re being able to be a mom through a different way.”

They signed up with an adoption agency, got their home study completed and made a profile book to share with potential birth mothers.

“You make a book, you hand it over, and you just wait,” Kasey said. 

Inside KELOLAND: The journey to adoption

The Recks waited two years before they heard anything about a potential adoption.

“Every time my phone would ring, I would look to see what it said,” Stacy said. 

Two years later when their first match with a birth mother did not work out, they feared it could be another long wait, but…

“A week later, Dani actually had chose us. It was just meant to be,” Stacy said. 

A decision that’s made a lifelong connection, bringing two South Dakota families together forever.

“It was emotional, I had to remind myself that while I’m her mother, I’m not her mom, I made that decision, that was a little bit of a struggle, it was a little hard. But knowing that I got to see her and how happy she is and now she has a little sister, and she loves her little sister and that’s the way it should have been all along,” Dani Tjaden said. 

In tonight’s Eye on KELOLAND at 10, we’ll hear much more from Dani and her experience as a birth mom in the adoption process. And what an open adoption relationship has meant for everyone involved.

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