Best Free Kids Games to Play With Your Little Ones

Best Free Kids Games to Play With Your Little Preschooler
By Yogi Shinde

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Some good fun and free kids games are all you need to teach your little preschooler their letters, numbers, colors or almost anything educational.


Little time and enthusiasm are the only ingredients you need for these fun games to have an enjoyable learning time with your young child. Take a look at this list of simple free kid games to play with your child and watch them acquire the required knowledge.




Learning Letters can be fun with this alphabet currency game.Give your kid some alphabet coins.You can either make them with some card board or use foam letters if you have those. Pick up a few objects from around the house, let it be any thing like say for example bread and some fruits. Set up you own little shop and let your young one pretend to be a customer in the shop.

Let him or her buy the items in exchange or some of their alphabet currency.For example say, one banana costs 2 x a’s and 1 x b.Not just letters, but kids even can understand some math and money basics with this game.


  • Number Your Household items


Get some number stickers or simply make some at home involving your little one in making those. If its numbers say 11-20 that you are looking to familiarise your kid with, all you need to do is stick these numbers up on house hold items around the house.

You can use chairs in the Diner, or drawers in your chest of drawers and refer those drawers with their numbers while talking to your kid.

They will then be so used to seeing the numbers that they will pick those up in no time.



This is one of a fun free kids games that can be played almost anywhere anytime by you and your little one.

Simply begin by describing any item you are wearing – “I am wearing black socks” and then its your child’s turn to come up with a color of any item they are wearing. They can then come up something that he or she is wearing “I am wearing blue shoes” and you can carry on playing this game.


Spend some quality time with your young one and you can watch them pick up almost any skill you wish them to. Play kid games and enjoy with your little one.

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You can find plenty of good educational and fun games be it free kids online games or a list of other simple day to day free kids games at


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