Black Women Fertility – How 7 IVF Tries Opened My Eyes

During the seven years I was trying to have my daughter, I realized there was no place for Black women, people, and couples struggling with infertility to go and have conversations about their own unique experiences. In my work as a minister, couples often came to see me for counseling regarding their own fertility journeys. As a result of those encounters and my own personal experience, in March of 2013, God led me to start Fertility For Colored Girls, a nonprofit that offers support to Black people and couples struggling with infertility, miscarriage, and loss. Nine years later, we have 16 locations all across the nation. Because I know firsthand how expensive it can be (I spent upwards of $100,000 out of pocket), one of our main priorities is helping people with grants and funding for all sorts of fertility journeys โ€” from IVF to surrogacy to adoption.