Calgary Humane Society looks for person who abandoned pregnant dog outside shelter

Officials are looking for the person who abandoned a pregnant dog in the snow outside the Calgary Humane Society building.

The visibly suffering short-haired boxer cross was discovered by shelter staff just before 3 p.m. on Monday — about 10 minutes after it was tied to a pole and left on a snowy lawn.

“While the location of the abandonment does seem to indicate some level of appropriate intention, the individual did not even approach a shelter entrance and ran away once the dog was tethered as the dog strained to follow,” the society’s director of operations and enforcement, Brad Nichols, said in a release.

“The poor, pregnant dog was cold and terrified when discovered by shelter staff.”  

Officials released images from surveillance footage that show a black vehicle stopped outside the animal shelter, and then a person appearing to tether and leave the dog and run back toward the vehicle.

Anyone with information on the dog, its owner or the vehicle should call the Calgary Humane Society’s investigations department at 403-205-4455 or visit the society’s Report Cruelty page online.

The dog is a pregnant female, approximately three years old, with fawn and white fur with black markings.

Abandonment of animals and deprival of adequate shelter are offences under both the Criminal Code and the Animal Protection Act.

Nichols said there is a possibility the heavily pregnant dog will be placed in a foster home until she has her puppies.

A surveillance image shows the vehicle believed to have been used by the person who abandoned a dog outside the Calgary Humane Society building on Dec. 13 shortly after this picture was taken. (Calgary Humane Society)This surveillance image shows the person who is believed to have tethered the dog to a wood pole and then abandoned it outside the Calgary Humane Society building. (Calgary Humane Society)This surveillance image shows a person in the top right of centre fleeing towards the black vehicle as the dog, tethered to a pole, looks on. (Calgary Humane Society)