Camila Coelho Announces She’s Pregnant With Her First Baby

She continued, “I decided it’s best to stay on medicine because, if I don’t, I’ll be stressed and worried about having a seizure, and all that stressing won’t be good for the baby. So I’m putting it in God’s hands and the doctors’ hands, praying that everything will be fine—and that when it’s time I’m going to get pregnant and have my healthy baby. That’s the phase I’m living in now.”

On Instagram, Vogue Brazil quoted Coelho as saying, “I never took the birth control pill because the epilepsy drugs can take away some of the effectiveness of the contraceptive, so I imagined that I would get pregnant in the same month as the baby plan was started.”

She told the magazine that when she finally saw her positive pregnancy test, while hugging her husband, she “couldn’t cry because I was in shock.”

“Was I really pregnant?” she asked. “I was really pregnant!”