Can You Lose Weight By Eating Cookies?

The Cookie Diet has arrived in Australia. But is eating cookies to lose weight too good to be true?

The Cookie Diet sounds perfect. All you have to do is eat the daily allocated cookies (nine of them) every two hours, and you will lose weight. The Cookie Diet claims to have helped over 6 million people reach their weight loss goals. Will it be the right diet for you?

Let’s look at The Cookie Diet and see what it’s all about.

“I like the Cookie Diet because I crave sweet things all the time! But it’s making me think differently about diets in general, which is great. I did it initially for two months and it really helped. I took off a few kilos I wanted to lose and have maintained the weight off every since integrating the cookies as snacks with my meals every day. I have to say, the maintenance part of it is my favourite.” Alicia

1. Where the Cookie Diet Began:

The Cookie Diet was created by renowned physician, author, and weight-loss expert Dr. Sanford Siegal.

While Dr Diegal was writing a book on what natural foods suppress hunger, he decided to formulate a type of weight-loss food that was also delicious, and what better way than in a cookie. Because everyone loves cookies.

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet is a proven, three-step plan that has helped more than a half-million people lose weight since 1975. It’s a safe, fast, and affordable approach to weight loss and weight maintenance.

Dr. Siegal recommends the best way to lose weight is not by starving yourself, but by eating little and often.

How often? Every two hours between wake-up and bedtime, this includes nine small snacks and one generous meal.

Can You Lose Weight Just Eating Cookies? | Stay At Home Mum“Super impressed with the service. The cookies arrived within two days of our order. It’s easy to eat, easy to carry and I never feel like I am being deprived and am not hungry.” Jennifer

2. How Does The Cookie Diet work?

Don’t worry – you aren’t replacing all of your meals with cookies!

How the Cookie Diet works is to reduce your daily calorie intake to 1000 to 1200 calories per day. Most diets work on this reduction in daily calories.

But where The Cookie Diet is different, is that you eat every two hours which eliminates the hunger most people feel when they are dieting. So half of your daily calorie intake is from the cookies (nine of them in fact), then one meal per day is a generous 500 – 700 calorie meal.

Each of the cookies is just 60 calories.

You stick to The Cookie Diet until you get to your goal weight.

Once your goal weight is achieved, eat healthy meals, and enjoy the cookies as a low-calorie snack between meals.

Seriously, all you need is a bag of cookies!

zachary | Stay at Home“I try to stay fit but it’s so hard with an office job, a dog and trying to maintain a social life so I bought the cookies to help me for when I either don’t have time to cook something or if I crave something more than just my lunch. Currently my go-to is the Chocolate Brownie flavour.” Zachary

3. How Can I Possibly Lose Weight Eating Biscuits?

The reduction in calories is what makes The Cookie Diet work. The diet helps control your hunger by eating ‘little and often’, plus the cookies contain a special mix of proteins that naturally suppresses your hunger.

So eating the cookies every two hours, and eating your main meal, plus engaging in regular light exercise such as walking 2 – 3 times per week and drinking 8 glasses of water each day -s all it takes.

This diet is not a fad, it has been going strong for the last 40 years.

Dr Siegals Cookie Diet Quick Guide US pdf | Stay at Home

4. What are the Cookie flavours?

Freshly baked in Australia, the cookies are just as delicious as your favourites and come in four mouth-watering flavours:

  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Butterscotch
  • Maple Pancake
  • Cinnamon Oatmeal.

tarra | Stay at Home“The Cookie Diet has helped me get in the best shape of my life! They are so easy and convenient. I don’t even feel like I’m on a diet!’, Tarra

5. What is in the Cookies?

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet cookies are normal cookies, they contain no drugs (boo), caffeine or stimulants. They are just like normal cookies just low calorie and contain a special mixture of proteins and additional fibre that naturally suppress hunger and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

The Cookies are all-natural, kosher and vegetarian. They contain a mixture of natural proteins that naturally control hunger. Made right here in Australia, they are all-natural with no artificial flavours or sweeteners.

6. Where can I buy The Cookies?

The cookies are available for order mainly online at The Cookie Diet website

Cookie Diet Coupon Codes

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Guide To Dr Siegal s Weight Loss Plan Cookie Diet US | Stay at Home

7. How much does the Cookie Diet cost?

A one week supply of the Cookie Diet will cost you $69.95 and contains 7 trays of 9 cookies for a total of 63 cookies per box.

Also included is a convenient re-sealable bag to keep your cookies fresh no matter where you are.

A one month supply will cost you $189.95.

They offer free shipping Australia Wide and Afterpay is also available.

The Cookie Diet website has lots of plans so you can choose the one that is right for you.

Order your Diet Cookies here now.

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8. How fast will I lose weight?

On 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day, the typical person will lose around 5 to 7 kilos per month. Your rate of weight loss may vary due to the amount of exercise you get, your age, and your medical condition. But that’s a pretty typical weight loss range.

After you have lost weight, you transition to the Weight Maintenance Phase.

Dr Siegals Cookie Diet Quick Guide US pdf 1 | Stay at Home

9. Real Reviews of The Cookie Diet

A Queensland dad has lost nearly 50 kilos on the Cookie diet since the start of the pandemic.

At 140 kilos, John Walker tells 9 News he decided it was time to change his life, turning to the Cookie Diet.

He was amazed when he lost 9 kilos in the first week!

He has now lost a total of 49 kilos and claims the Cookie Diet helped curb his hunger and aided him to lose weight.

Watch his amazing weight loss journey in the video below.

Can You Lose Weight Just Eating Cookies? | Stay At Home Mum“I put on weight during lockdown as I let myself go and I’ve been wanting to lose some kilos for a while now, but every diet I ever tried was just not working for me or leaving me so hungry that I would then binge eat to make up for it. My friend Sasha told me about the Cookie Diet and I decided to give it a go. Honestly, this is the best diet I’ve been on so far, I wake up not feeling hungry.” Rebecca

10. What the experts say about the Cookie Diet

Health experts do advise the Cookie Diet is NOT a long term solution and you should talk to your doctor before starting any weight loss program.

They say the cookies might be OK in the short term, but they do lack important vitamins and minerals like iron and calcium.

Dietitian, Kerry Leech, says the wider the range of foods you eat, the greater the range of nutrients they have and the healthy our diet is.

11. Cookie Diet Coupon Code Discounts:

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