Christians Must Stop Supporting Evil with Investments

When we see fluctuations in the markets, it is natural to have feelings of panic and wonder if our money is safe. For example, in recent weeks, we’ve seen the highest turnaround day in the S&P 500 in history. Hesitant buyers flooded back into the markets, and more and more are realizing that worry is not warranted every time values change.

But if Christians are investing their money biblically, there is no reason to panic, even in the face of fluctuations. Over the past several years, I’ve witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of investors who want to honor God with the money He has entrusted to them.

All our resources are God’s in the first place. So if we steward our money with the ultimate goal to honor Him, there should never be any worry or anxiety, even when the markets seem out of control, because those who serve God with their finances know He is in control. Biblically responsible investors have overall peace that their money is being stewarded wisely, especially if they are working with a committed Christian financial planner and understand that they are honoring God with their investments.

Every day, people tell me how grateful they are and how blessed they are to have peace of mind that their money is invested in areas that are not offensive to God. For the first time in many of their lives, they are not worried about money.

Biblically responsible investing, or BRI, has grown exponentially, as Christians become more aware of how their money is being used and want to ensure that their resources, which are God’s to begin with, aren’t invested in companies that ultimately displease God.

In fact, there should be an urgency for Christians to learn more about where their money is going, what it is funding and if their God-given resources are actually supporting causes that conflict with their beliefs. The good news is a growing number of people want information to make sure their dollars are not invested in abortion, pornography, gambling and a host of other anti-biblical causes.

Evangelical Christians make up a huge percentage of investors across America, and my goal for the past 30-plus years has been to educate this segment of investors to take a stand against company stocks where executives are allowing their personal ideology to get in the way of the responsible stewardship of stockholders’ money. Many investors today, especially the faithful, want to stay away from companies who are supporting a disgusting and offensive agenda. If Christians come together to invest biblically, there’s no telling how the culture will be impacted, both now and in future generations.

Faithful investors like these are already making a difference across America, evidenced by the fact that the Timothy Plan family of mutual funds has over $1 billion under management. Timothy Plan helps investors achieve their financial goals while investing in a morally responsible manner.

As Christians, we must carefully and prayerfully consider how we are handling God’s money. We must get it right in every possible way and, in particular, be good stewards of everything—especially our finances. It will take us being ‘sold out’ against the things that dishonor God, and that includes investment in companies that violate biblical principles.

Furthermore, there is no excuse for Christians claiming they were unaware of what their investments were funding.

Twenty years ago, yes, it was more difficult to research companies to find out where their loyalties were. But today, multiple sources and tools are available so Christian investors know exactly what companies are up to and where they are spending and sending investors’ money. One is our Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries’ buy-and-sell list for our partners. We are constantly researching companies and informing Christians about those who do not tear down society.

Not only has the growth over the past 25 years in biblically responsible investing been dramatic, but the progress in the past several years has been tremendous, as more people are learning how to commit only to those companies that are not participating in unbiblical or anti-biblical activities.

Think of what would happen if we all sold the mutual funds that are not biblically responsible and do not align with our biblical values. There would be real change in corporate America regarding how companies spend and protect their stockholders’ money. This is exactly why we at Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries advocate biblically responsible investing, which takes a total commitment from the body of Christ.

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Christians Must Stop Supporting Evil with Investments

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