Christmas Peppermint Plate Centrepiece

With Christmas coming, you’ll probably be buying things you’re not sure you’re going to use, discovering recipes you might or might not have time to whip up, and spending lots and lots of time on Pinterest.

But if there’s one thing you can easily do WITHOUT FAIL, it is a Christmas Peppermint Plate Centrepiece. It’s super easy, you can make it with your eyes closed!

Just kidding, that’s dangerous.

This Christmas Peppermint Plate Centrepiece is so simple to make that you can create more than one and give it as gifts to family and friends.

Want to know how to make it? Here’s a helpful video tutorial.

You’ll need peppermint lollies of any colour. If you’re going to use two colours, make sure they look good together. Red and green peppermints are popular peppermint colour combinations for Christmas.

1. Line the peppermint candies on a 10″ spring form pan with foil or a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Place some tiny spaces in between as shown in the video.

2. Bake for 10-13 minutes. Wait for it for a few minutes to cool, remove from pan and voila! It’s that easy! If you wanted to covert it into a peppermint bowl like this:

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3. Then after baking, set the candy in the inside of a bowl with the parchment paper still attached (just after a few minutes you have done baking it but it is still not cool). Using a dish towel, press down gently to form a shape of a bowl. If it hangs off the edge of the bowl, then it will form a fluted edge.

4. Make sure you are very very gentle!

5. If it all doesn’t come together the first time, you can try doing it again and make sure you follow all the instructions and pay attention!

We’d love to see your creations, feel free to share them with us in the comments!


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