Coral IVF breakthrough raises hope for Great Barrier Reef | World

Corals grown using IVF have spawned for the first time on Australia’s threatened Great Barrier Reef, raising hopes of saving the world’s largest living structure from global warming.

Scientists announced that a coral breeding population had been established on the 1,400-mile-long reef using transplanted specimens.

The technology entails collecting spawn — microscopic eggs and sperm that float to the surface — from healthy corals and settling the larvae into specially designed tanks and nursery pools on the reef.

The first Great Barrier Reef coral created through IVF have now produced the next generation


After a couple of weeks the coral polyps are then attached to restore and repopulate damaged reefs.

During the Great Barrier Reef’s late November spawning event, trillions of eggs and sperm erupted into the ocean in plumes of red, yellow and orange to reproduce — a