Debina Bonnerjee Explains What it Takes For a Woman to Conceive Medically

Cost of IVF and infertility treatments explained by Debina Bonnerjee: Actress Debina Bonnerjee recently welcomed her first child – Lianna – with husband Gurmeet Choudhary. The actress mentioned how it was a tough journey where she maintained her calm and proceeded towards her motherhood. In her new vlog now, Debina explained how it took her five years to become a mother and tons of procedures to make sure she conceived a healthy baby.Also Read – Are Avocados Good For You During Pregnancy? Experts Shares Health Benefits

Debina’s new personal Vlog is going viral now. The actress speaks about the cost of all the medical procedures that she went through to conceive a child right from hysteroscopy to IVF treatment. The actress, who met her husband Gurmeet on the sets of their popular show Ramayan, revealed that it was in 2017 that she started planning to become a mother and when after trying a lot she couldn’t conceive a child, she took medical help. Debina said she first went through a procedure called IUI in which a few injections are given and semen analysis is done to help the mother with conceiving a child. However, it didn’t work for her. “It did not work for me. I tried it 5 times. It was a failure. Next best option was IVF,” she said in her Vlog. Also Read – Expert Speaks on How Sexually Transmitted Infections Can Take A Toll On Fertility

Cost of Hysteroscopy, an operation for uterus:

Debina mentioned that it was when she started the IVF process that she got to know she had a condition called ‘endometriosis’ and the doctors first operated on her to fix her uterus. The operation was called hysteroscopy and the cost of the same ranged between Rs 75,000 to Rs 1 lakh. After this, the IVF treatment began in which the eggs were extracted from her body and put back again after fertilization. The process was painful. Also Read – How Gymming, Steroid Supplement, Hormone Supplement Impact on Sperm Count and Infertility

Cost of IVF: Egg extraction and fertilization

Debina explained, “After beginning the IVF treatment, it is divided into two parts – the egg extraction and putting the fertilized egg back again. The first process is a bit painful and tedious. The egg extraction process takes time. Egg extraction cannot be done at once. My process happened thrice. Each process costs around Rs 1.5 lakh. I am just giving an overview about the vest.”

The actress relied on various books including the Bhagavad Gita to derive positivity and constant motivation while she was pregnant after the IVF. Debina said it’s important to not give up because even after the entire process, a lot depends on one’s luck and God’s will.

Cost of Embryo Transfer during IVF treatment

She said, “This process entirely depends on God. I tried two embryo transfers and it didn’t work for me. The cost of embryo transfer is Rs 30, 000 and it also depends on the hospital. I had an IVF conception.” Debina spoke to all the women through Vlog and asked them to stay positive and take care of their bodies. She said there’s no shame in taking medical help when one is unable to conceive naturally. “When people ask ‘Why IVF transfer’, I would say when something doesn’t happen over a period of time, I can’t waste time thinking why it is not happening.”

It’s inspiring to see women taking charge of their bodies and making decisions for themselves which includes embracing the technology and not fearing the tedious process. Debina’s story is indeed motivating!