Democrat party Leadership Impeachment Obsession stems from the Two-headed Hydra of Immaturity and Immorality

First, nothing said here is against Democrat voters who are generally decent people. This is about Democrat party leaders in Congress who tend to act like a bunch of spoiled adolescents with seemingly little attachment to the foundations of truth and reality.

Two key planks to the current chaotic Democrat impeachment obsession are Immaturity and Immorality. The first stems from a juvenile delinquent psychological state of affairs in the minds of the Democrat party leaders. The second their absence of a moral foundation.

  1. IMMATURITY. Some adolescents are characterized by certain outward emotional and behavioral indicators birthed in immaturity and selfishness. They may include:

Anxiety and mood swings

    1. Argumentation, anger, and irritability
    2. Problems with personal identity
    3. Self-centeredness and strong emotions
    4. Insufficient knowledge of how the world works
    5. Inability to reason issues through
    6. Thinking they know more than they really do

The winner in the “I am mad as hell” category has got to be Bernie Sanders. If he ever cracked a smile, he might snap a ligament in his face due to atrophied happy muscles. Runners-up in this category include Chucky Schumer who does his level best to act intelligently in the absence of any substantive position, and Rashida Tlaib with her large oral cavity often open uttering obscenities, Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren with her index finger in the air while, complaining and calling good things bad.

The winner in the anxiety and mood swing category is Adam Schiff who sports the look of fearing getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. During interviews, his eyes get big as if to say, “I wonder if they’ll find out what I’m really up to.”

The winner in the “problems with personal identity” category is clearly Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren. Claiming to be a native Indian she got preferential treatment at Harvard. The runner-up is Nancy Pelosi because she cannot figure out if she is a cheerleader for the Democrat caucus or an attack dog against President Trump. She is failing at both because I’ve never seen the Democrat party so disorganized with its members rightfully being labeled as “the wild tongues”.

The winner in the “I have no clue how the world works but that doesn’t stop me from pontificating science” category just must be Alexandra Ocasio Cortez. To me, AOC looks like she barely has entered adolescence and has absolutely no idea how the physical and spiritual world works or her place in it. But that doesn’t stop her because unfortunately, confidence often accompanies ignorance.

Lastly at the winner of the “caustic destructive influence” category is a tie. They call themselves the squad. The two premiere winners and members are Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and Rashida Tlaib. A close second is Ilhan Omar who doesn’t seem to mind if Sharia Jihad Law replaced the U.S. Constitution.

The bottom line is that we have a bunch of adolescent-acting Democrat leaders fueled by emotionalism who want to impeach President Donald Trump for no good reason at all. Lack of objective facts do not seem to bother them or are needed in their obsession to gain political and spiritual domination over all the legal citizens of our country. Do we really want people like this leading our country?

IMMORALITY. The United States was founded upon citizen freedom, Judeo-Christian morals, and rule of law. Democrat party leaders are quick to shun traditional values, bent on decriminalizing crime, in their disdain of a moral America.

Donald Trump represents moral law and for this Democrats want to impeach him by inventing hoaxes like the Russian collusion Mueller report and now the Ukraine craziness over a 30-minute phone call warning about potential foul play.

Without a solid Judeo-Christian moral base from which to understand reality, Democrats are guided by their emotions and their lust for domination over the lives of those who dare to espouse morality.  This is precisely what Lucifer wanted but instead got kicked out of the heavenly realm and became Satan, the hateful adversary who apparently spends a lot of his time occupying the Democrat party.


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Democrat party Leadership Impeachment Obsession stems from the Two-headed Hydra of Immaturity and Immorality