Devastating! Imlie’s mental breakdown, Aryan questions Imlie’s pregnancy

MUMBAI: Imlie has done well on the TRP charts since it has hit the screens.

Earlier, Jyoti uses Madhav to create a misunderstanding in Aryan’s mind that Imlie had an intimate relation with Madhav on the night of sting operation. While she has already made him believe that he is infertile, she now cunningly makes him believe that Imlie is carrying Madhav’s child.

The story takes a drastic turn when Aryan, on seeing Madhav and Imlie’s intimacy, grabs Madhav from his collar. Aryan gets so angry at Madhav that he even throttles him and attempts to kill him for getting close to his wife.

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Finally, when Aryan shows his medical report to Imlie and clarifies to her about his infertility. The story thus takes a drastic U-turn as Imlie realizes how Aryan has been doubting her. Therefore, when Aryan questions Imlie about the father of the child she is carrying in her womb, thus, this unexpected question totally devastated Imlie.

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In the upcoming track, you will see Imlie’s mental and emotional breakdown knowing how Aryan is questioning his own child’s existence. Now, let’s see what big dhamaka will unfold now in the show.

Will Aryan and Imlie get separated amid Jyoti’s conspiracy?

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