DIY Citronella Bowls – Stay at Home Mum

BBQ? Date night at your own backyard? Time to whip out some DIY citronella bowls to zap the peskies away.

During the hotter seasons, you might find yourselves having a lot of barbecues in your backyard. Also a lot of your time is spent outdoors because sometimes, it’s more pleasant outside than inside! Except for the mozzies!

These do-it-yourself citronella bowls are effective and are easy to make. You will only need some lemon, a knife, cloves and the bowls that you would use to put the citronella into. You can also add a couple of drops of citronella oil to this if you wish for added effect!

Tip: old candle containers which are made of glass or ceramic are your best bet.

Cut the lemon in halves, place them in the candle containers and gently poke some cloves in the surface of the halved lemon. Add some citronella oil as well if you wish. Place your DIY citronella bowls on your backyard tables to keep the mosquitoes away.

Summer get togethers at night should be more bearable after learning this simple hack!