Emily Atack asked if she’s pregnant and branded an alcoholic in shock messages from troll

EMILY Atack was cruelly asked if she’s pregnant and branded an alcoholic in shock messages from a troll.

The 32-year-old shared a screenshot of her Instagram DMs, showing replies to sexy selfies she’d posted.


Emily Atack has shared abusive messages she’s sent onlineCredit: Instagram

“Expecting a baby?,” the troll asked alongside a whale emoji.

They then sent another message weeks later, which read: “S*** clothes and you’re an alcoholic.”

Despite the nasty digs, Emily responded with humour.

Next to the pregnancy comment she joked: “Mum?” appearing to suggest her mother Kate Robbins is looking forward to her having children.

The former Inbetweeners actress and Celebrity Juice team captain often names and shames trolls who send her abusive messages online.

One recently slammed her sense of humour before making a crude remark about her body.

One Instagram user directly replied to the comment underneath, and wrote: “Not in the least bit funny but got nice t*ts.”

Screen-grabbing the remark, Emily then added sarcastically:” “Phew! Every cloud.

“Cheers for that Ron!”

Actress and comedienne Emily was recently among the celebrities backing laws to jail internet trolls.

She told The Sun: “I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve logged on and felt completely winded by what someone has written or sent directly to me.”

“I’ve received countless levels of online abuse but increasingly, it has become very sexualised. I receive hundreds of sexually motivated messages – from rape threats, to men telling me exactly what they’re going to do to me in the most brutal and misogynistic ways.

“I launched the #EndCyberflashing campaign alongside Grazia Magazine last year to make unwanted sexually explicit abuse a crime.

“So much more needs to be done to stop these vile abusers. They certainly wouldn’t get away with saying these sort of things if they saw me on the street.

“There needs to be tougher penalties, the threat of prison needs to be enforced.

“Actual action needs to be taken if the online world is to become a safer one.”

Emily used humour to fight back against trolls


Emily used humour to fight back against trollsCredit: Instagram