Emily Miller Reveals She Had An Ectopic Pregnancy

Too Hot To Handle star Emily Miller takes to IG to reveal she had an ectopic pregnancy and underwent surgery to remove her fallopian tube.

Reality television star and Too Hot To Handle alum Emily Miller has revealed she had an ectopic pregnancy. Emily and her sweetheart Cam Holmes are one of the Netflix famous love and money show’s successful couples. Emily and Cam’s love blossomed despite the show’s forbidden-romance premise. While focusing on winning $100,000, the reality stars hit it off in season 2 and started dating before the end of the season. The lovebirds have remained together since their season’s end.

However, Emily and Cam’s relationship hasn’t been without its issues. Recently, she sparked breakup rumors by making a post on social media describing herself as a single woman. Yet, the lovebirds remain an item, much to the delight of many fans. Emily and Cam have come a long way in their relationship. Shortly after leaving the show, they revealed in July 2021 that they were living together. During an interview, Emily gushed about her man and said they were still dating.


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Amid the Too Hot To Handle couple’s relationship drama, Emily recently went through a harrowing experience. On June 10, the reality television personality revealed on her Instagram page that she had been hospitalized with an ectopic pregnancy. Emily wrote that she discovered she was pregnant a few weeks ago. Although the pregnancy was unplanned, Emily was very excited until days later when she collapsed and was rushed to a hospital. Unfortunately, when nurses did a scan, they discovered that Emily had an ectopic pregnancy. Emily explained the condition and its possible damaging effects, writing, “For those who haven’t heard of this (like me) it’s basically where the fetus gets stuck and grows in your Fallopian tube which is fatal and if I had left it much longer my Fallopian tube would of [sic] burst.”

The reality TV star also said she could not believe something like this could happen to her. Although the situation was quite unbelievable for Too Hot To Handle star Emily, she had to toughen up for her surgery. According to Emily, she did not eat or drink anything for 24 hours before she had her fallopian tube and the growing baby removed. Emily confirmed that the situation was tough and emotional for her and Cam, who was with her through it all. She also noted that the experience left her in a lot of pain physically and mentally. The Netflix star shared the update alongside several photos and a video of herself in the hospital. She also shared that she ignored the early signs her body was giving her about ectopic pregnancy. Emily further advised pregnant women to get an early scan to remain on the safe side and avoid complications.

The Too Hot To Handle season 2 star is still going through a lot after losing her growing baby and fallopian tube. However, she showed much courage to share her story and advise pregnant women to undergo early pregnancy scans. One must also commend Cam, who was by his lover’s side throughout her difficult experiences and will also be dealing with the pain of losing a child this way. It is sad that Emily had to lose her baby and fallopian tube before discovering what an ectopic pregnancy was. Hopefully, she and Cam will recover from this experience, grow from it, and have more joyful news soon.

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Source: Emily Miller/Instagram

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