End of Season Pool Care and Safety Tips

Now that the warm summer months are behind us for pool owners it is time to think about shutting the pool down for the winter. A lot of families have above ground pools. I was nedding a vacuum so I ended up getting this one for my above ground pool.

Below are some steps you should take when shutting down your above ground pool along with keeping your family’s safety in mind.

The first thing you should do when closing your pool for the winter months is check the PH level of the water. Add dry acid or soda ash if the PH level is higher or lower than 7.5. You should also raise the chlorine level to 6-10 ppm and add a winterizing product to protect the pool from algae.

You should also leave your pump running for 12 hours. Switch off the skimmer valve and drain the water until it is about six inches below the skimmer bottom to prevent flooding due to rainwater. Clean your summer cover before storing.

If you are expecting freezing temperatures over the winter months place empty chemical containers half full with water into the pool to prevent wall damage before putting your winter cover over the pool.

Make sure that your children are aware that the pool is closed and off limits for the winter. A normal winter pool cover is not sturdy enough to handle the weight of a child or small pet. Remember to keep safety in mind even after your pool is closed. Rainwater and debris can collect on top of an unsafe pool cover which will cause your child to become trapped. Good Safety Pool Covers will allow the rainwater and snow to melt and pass through. These covers are also strong and sturdy so the debris will blow off of the cover. Pool safety is equally important during the winter months as it is in the summer time.

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End of Season Pool Care and Safety Tips

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