Epic Cubby Houses You Can Buy Online in Australia

These 10 Epic Cubby Houses will keep your little ones entertained for months!

Trying to think of a good way to get the kids off the screen out outside playing over Summer? Why not grab a cubby house.  I have fond memories of my treehouse as a kid – we spent hours hiding from our parents, reading books and swinging on the tyre underneath – that is until a nest of paper wasps decided to move in close by.  Note to self – never try and swat paper wasps with a badminton racket!

Here are our absolute favourites!  10 Epic Cubby Houses that you can buy online in Australia.

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An easy and durable Kids Cubby House that won’t break the bank. Made from FSC Certified Scandinavian Wood that is made to last, the cubby house is 105cm x 105cm x 140cm.

trujump australia sunny cottage playhouse 3738213 00 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

  • Price: $419
  • Stockist: Catch
  • Weight: 50kg (comes in two packages)

Let your kids take advantage of precious outdoor time with the Australian Rovo Kids Wooden Cubby House. Weather-resistant, durable and beautifully designed for children to have a place for imaginative play that will last even when the sun goes down.

The Cooper Cedar Wood Playhouse is ideal for three-to-five-year-olds. This playhouse allows children to enjoy the outdoors with protection from the sun to do arts and crafts or hide inside from the rain. It’s easy enough to assemble by anyone who can work with a screwdriver.

CooperCedarWoodPlayhouse | Stay at Home Mum.com.auThe Cooper Cedar Wooden Playhouse

  • Price: $712.49 + shipping
  • Stockist: Catch

Made with 100% all-natural cedarwood for durable and rot-resistant construction, the Aspen Cubby House is an adorable place to play. Young designers can spend hours playing in this cozy cabin as they imagine themselves living there!

BackyardDiscoverySpringCottage 1 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

This Wooded Teepee playhouse is perfect for kids who crave an adventure! With a canvas roll-front door, children can explore the world outside with their imaginations. The wood inside this teepee has been pre-treated so you won’t need to sand or coat it and is suitable for 3+ year olds.

GreatWoodenTeepeeHideaway | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

  • Price: $989.00
  • Stockist: Backyard Discovery
  • Weight:

The Scenic Heights Cubby House from Backyard Discovery is the perfect outdoor playhouse for your kids. With a raised cubby with saloon doors and windows, this deluxe playhouse encourages hours of active play — including providing hours of indoor fun on rainy days!

Welcome to your own little slice of paradise, where the sky is always blue and there’s never a care in the world. The Spring Cottage Cubby House from Backyard Discovery provides children with plenty of space for their imaginations to take over as they pretend they are cooking dinner or playing postman and delivering mail! Give them that freedom you’ve been dreaming about when you order this amazing playhouse today.

The Wooden Play Hideaway Cubby House is the perfect way to encourage kids to spend time outdoors through creative play. Thanks to the 360° design, your child can move around and tackle different tasks- from swinging on a swing or having some tea party fun in their nice little garden hut. The canvas door allows for an exciting surprise when they peek inside!
Put it up against the fence, line up alongside hedges, or put it next to bins; this imaginative hideaway will be well-loved by all those who come across it!

  • Price: $1899.00
  • Stockist: Temple & Webster
  • Weight: 149kg

The Premium Wooden Outdoor Playhouse with Slide is perfect for kids of all ages. The high-quality timber is treated, degreased and stained to ensure it doesn’t flake or peel and a smooth, matte finish that’s gentle on your children’s skin. With a climbing net for added versatility and well-positioned handles with side ladder step the Premium Wooden playhouse meets Australian safety standards.

What are your Cubby House Goals for 2021?

Epic Cubby Houses You Can Buy Online in Australia | Stay at Home Mum