Essex couple’s IVF journey amid fundraising plea

A COUPLE has issued a heartfelt plea for help to fulfil their dream of having their own baby.

Alice Hewitt, 31, is a multi-site manager and Lloyd Rushen is a chef, the couple met nine years ago at Lloyd’s workplace.

Lloyd said: “We’ve been trying to get pregnant naturally for about six or seven years now but unfortunately it just wasn’t happening for us.

“We sought out medical advice through a local practitioner and got a referral but the NHS weren’t actively funding IVF.

“Then we had some tests done and the NHS told us we fall into an unknown category so they wouldn’t be able to help us.”

The couple were devastated and IVF was too expensive at the time so they saved up and managed to get connected with TFP Simply Fertility in Chelmsford.

As they are now pursuing private treatment the costs are beginning to add up and the couple are hoping the community might be able to help them to raise £5,000 for further treatment which might enable them to complete their family.

Alice said: “Our journey has cost us about £14,000 so far. I’ve got blood tests next week that are £1,605 each.

“We’ve worked hard to get to this point, it feels like when you fall into an unknown category like we did you don’t know where to turn.

“We’re quite fortunate that we can pay for this but what about the people who can’t? If you fall into the wrong category, then you are out of luck.”


Relaxed – Alice and Lloyd on holiday before their first IVF cycle

The couple have had two previous attempts at IVF producing two positive results, but ultimately ending up in disappointment and leaving them with two “angel babies”.

Alice spoke about the emotional rollercoaster this journey has put her on and the impact it has had on her.

She said: “It’s definitely been a struggle, having the support of each other as well as our relatives and friends has been a massive help for both of us.

“Some days have been better than others, I’ve had to have my best friend jab me every morning sometimes twice a day, that takes a toll on you as well.

“In our second cycle, we didn’t realise we had miscarried when we were going for our scan. We took the test and suddenly our result had changed.


Suave - Alice and Lloyd on the same holiday

Suave – Alice and Lloyd on the same holiday

“The anxiety that I felt was so heavy, and then I had to go in for another blood test soon after, it’s really been draining.”

Now the couple who live in Clacton are determined to complete their family by adding their ‘rainbow baby’.

Lloyd said: “Everyone is looking for their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, initially I wanted two kids and Alice wanted three.”

Alice added: “Now our perception has completely changed, I feel a little odd about my embryos now.

“If I had embryos left over I would happily donate them to someone in need, I’d be happy with one child right now.”

The couple were cautious about going public with their journey but are grateful for the community’s support.

Lloyd said: “It’s been a better experience than I think we both expected.

“You’re kind of worried about people’s opinions but everyone has been very kind and it’s lifted a huge weight off our shoulders to talk openly like this.”

If you would like to support Alice and Lloyd on their journey visit to donate.