Everything You Need To Know About Uncombable Hair Syndrome

Everything You Need To Know About Uncombable Hair Syndrome

Earlier this month, an American mum shared a photo of her infant son, who suffers from an uncommon condition that causes his hair to protrude from his head and cannot be combed straight.

To have a full spectrum of the rare condition, let’s have a glance at what Uncombable Hair Syndrome truly is—

So, What Is Uncombable Hair SyndromeUncombable Hair Syndrome?

A condition known as uncombable hair syndrome is characterised by dry, frizzy hair that cannot be combed into a smooth, straight style. This syndrome manifests itself in childhood, most often between the ages of 3 and 5, although it may develop itself as late as 12. Individuals with this condition have light-coloured hair characterized as blond or silvery with a shimmering lustre. No, hair doesn’t immensely grow out of the scalp in a straight path, but rather in many directions.

However, despite its look, the hair isn’t really fragile or prone to breakage, and it grows at a normal or marginally slower pace than usual.

In most cases, for reasons that remain a mystery, this condition becomes better with time. People with uncombable hair syndrome possess hair that lays flat and has a normal or almost normal texture by the time they reach puberty.


Symptoms appear in youngsters with straw-colored or blond-silver hair between the ages of 3 months to 12 years— t he colour of their hair may change throughout time. 

Individuals normally have a regular quantity of hair, but it grows at a slower rate than the average person. This is because the hair sticks out from the scalp and expands in various directions. It’s likely that they won’t be able to get it to lie flat against one’s scalp. In this case, it only affects hair on the scalp and not the hair on other areas of the skin.

People with the condition do not typically have more brittle hair than others, but they may be extra susceptible to damage from regular brushing or combing.

Is There A Treatment?

Uncombable Hair Syndrome does not have a specific treatment or cure, however, the problem normally improves or disappears on its own with the start of puberty. The use of conditioners and soft brushes, as well as eliminating harsh hair treatments like permanent waves (perms), synthetic relaxants, and over brushing and blow-drying, are all common recommendations for gentle hair care. These tactics may help to enhance the overall maintainability of the hair, albeit the degree to which they are effective is subjective.

Another technique that has been proposed to enhance the look of the hair is the usage of biotin supplements.

A Story Of Mum On Instagram

A mum from Georgia has been spreading awareness of her son’s rare condition and it’s taking place all over the internet!

Fun fact, there are only over a hundred people diagnosed with this rare syndrome.

I’m swinging into my first birthday!

Let me introduce myself: My name is Locklan but I often go by Lock. This summer we found out I have a genetic hair condition called UHS (Uncombable Hair Syndrome.) It sounds fake but it’s probably because it’s so rare. There is only 100 confirmed cases in the WHOLE WORLD! follow along for my wild hair journey and my goal to spread some joy on the internet! 🤍🔒


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“The good news is that this usually goes away on its own as the child reaches adolescence or puberty,” said Dr Rinky Kapoor, consultant dermatologist.

Wynter Seymour from Northallerton, England is also included on the recorded list of kids having rare Uncombable Hair Syndrome.

“Her hair is just like the doll’s and she’s got a temper like Chucky sometimes, too,” her mother, Charlotte Seymour, told Kennedy News and Media.

“Her hair is crazy. It’s almost like it clumps together, and in the middle she’s got a million mad partings. You really can’t get a comb through it. For school I just grab it and stick it up in a bobble to keep it out of her way … but doing anything else with it isn’t worth it. It’s too painful for her.”

Girl with troll hair

From Melbourne, Australia Shilah Yin also relates on this topic.

“Shilah loves her unique hair, but that has come from constant positive reinforcement at home from friends and family.

As a little, little girl she often told us she was like a unicorn as they are very special and unique just like her. It brought a tear to our eye.”

“Her favorite part of her hair routine is when her dad blow-dries it for her. Together they manage to comb and dry her hair so that it looks super fluffy. Shilah loves it,” Calvert-Yin said.

Shilah Yin has uncombable hair syndrome

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