EXCLUSIVE! ‘It is ‘ Shiny Doshi gets CANDID about the current track, her health and more

MUMBAI: Daily soap Pandya Store has made a place in everyone’s heart with its gripping storyline and intriguing twists. Fans completely relate to each character in the show and shower their love on the three couples; Shiva and Raavi often top the charts of being their favourite.

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Dhara finally a small change in the show, what is your take?

Dhara is somebody who has always kept her family at priority for her Gombi, her three kids and Suman maa come first and the Raavi and Rishita. After soo many years, after going through a lot in the process of conceiving the child, then the family supports her despite all the hurdles for her IVF and Anita crashes it down. This breaks her completely. Due to which she slaps Anita, she still doesn’t know the truth behind Anita’s intentions. She has a constant fight with the lord too, after the whole breakdown, she will emerge stronger and decide to stop getting desperate about the child. I am glad that fans are liking the track, I have even received messages saying ‘Ek thappad se mann nahi bhara’, let’s see how the makers shall carve the revelation for Anita. 

Don’t you think it’s high time they introduce Dhara and Gombi to adopt a child? 

It’s the best thought, trust me we all had suggested this to the makers as well. Eventually, it’s too soon to give babies to Gautam and Dhara. The show depends on the bonding, if she doesn’t bear a child yet there are still possibilities of many tracks, what if Shiva and Raavi or Dev and Rishita have babies and they decide to give it to Dhara and if that doesn’t happen. Adoption is the best message that we could give through the show to them. There are soo many working women I know personally who don’t want to conceive but they want to be mothers, they are okay with adopting a child. They are giving a good life to that particular child who has been abandoned. I would love to remind the makers about it again, it is a beautiful message, “There is nothing wrong if you can’t conceive, you can always adopt a child”. 

Was it challenging for you to come back after the short break?

Yes, Mohit, Simran, Akshay, Alice are not shooting, everybody is Covid Positive. I was unwell though my reports we negative I had to take a break. I spoke to the channel person and my producers that I need to take a break just to know, nobody has got to know how the virus functions, there are asymptomatic Covid Positive and then there are people who have symptoms but are not positive. So I got my tests done twice to be sure, still, I had a fever and cold so I took a 4-day break. I had to isolate myself as I have my in-laws home, It will be very irresponsible if I choose to come despite being unwell. My production gave me a day more and I even got my RTPCR done again before coming back, after that came negative only then did I decide to return. The production has been taking a lot of care and giving ample amount of time to all the actors to recover and then return, there is no pressure from them. 

In the upcoming episode, Once Dhara comes to know the truth about the kid, she emerges stronger from the pain and realises that only if the child is destined to be a part of her life then she would have it. She decides to not run behind it and let god decide for her till then she will wait patiently for this joy and not haste with IVF or any other methods. 
What do you all think?

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