Family Business: How to Create a Family Photo Album for Your Customers

Did you know that reflecting on happy memories is an effective way to boost your mood?

That’s right! And putting together a family photo album is an excellent way to keep all those special moments in one place.

Helping your customers to create their family albums or brochures is a great way to show that you care, which will present your brand in a positive light and increase customer loyalty with your business Print management and digital printing service such as brochure printing services you will be giving them.

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Need tips on creating the perfect album? Keep reading the tips for family portrait photography.

Ask Customers to Submit High-Resolution Images

Photo albums look best when the photos are crisp, clear, and high-quality. You’d want professionals to do that wedding photography for the best shot.

If you’ve ever tried to resize image assets without a high-resolution file, you’ll know how blurry and distorted they can end up looking.

Ensure that the quality is perfect by asking for high-quality original photos from a family portrait photographer or files rather than poor-quality scans or shaky mobile phone photos.

Photos are the building block of the album—it can only ever look as good as the source images.

Apply Filters to Certain Pictures for Effect

While you don’t want to go crazy with special effects, adding filters to certain photos can be a great way to add emotion to the album.

For example, you might use a black and white filter for close-up images of a wedding or a new baby. For a seasonal photo, you might add a warm filter to make the images look extra festive.

Be sure to include customers in choosing the perfect filters.

Use Text to Describe Photos

A lot happens over the course of a lifetime, and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when and where photos were taken—especially if decades have passed.

Encourage customers to supply a little text to accompany each photo so that nothing is forgotten.

This could be something as simple as a few words, like, “John and Kate’s Wedding, 2017”, or as complex as a full paragraph describing exactly what happened.

Adding funny moments or in-jokes are great ways to make the album feel personal and special.

Add Custom Frames for Special Events

Custom frames are another great way to make photos look unique and they’re perfect for marking special events.

Photos of a birthday party could be surrounded by colorful balloons, a baby shower photo could be framed by tiny footprints, and a heart frame could be perfect for a wedding or anniversary photo.

Again, frames are best used sparingly for special moments rather than on every single photo.

Design a Personalized Front Cover

A personalized front cover with the family name and dates of the photos contained is the perfect final touch. It makes the album easy to find once in storage and sets it apart from generic, store-bought photo albums.

Giving customers a say in the font, color, and design of the cover is always a good idea.

What’s the Benefit of a Photo Album in the Digital Age?

There’s nothing quite like flicking through a physical photo album, so it’s definitely worth printing photos properly. Physical photo albums are also a lovely item to pass down through the generations—and there’s no risk of accidentally deleting them!

Want to learn more about digital photo albums anyway? Check out our technology section today.

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