Fertility rate in China continues to drop

The incidence of infertility in China has risen steadily in recent years. The rate stood at 12 percent in 2007 and rose to 15 percent in 2010 and 18 percent in 2020, medical experts said at a lecture promoting healthy and scientific pregnancy and child-bearing on Sunday.

The high rate of infertility, the rising number of couples of older age and the policy allowing all couples to have three children have boosted the demand for assisted pregnancy and in vitro fertilization.

“Natural pregnancy requires a young age, while IVF also requires couples seeking children to undergo therapy at a young age to increase the success rate and ensure the health of both mother and child,” said Dr Sun Ningxia from Changzheng Hospital’s reproductive medicine center. “The best age to have children is before 28 years old for women, whose fertility drops significantly after 35.”

For couples of older age, it is better to visit the hospital to seek advice about fertility and risk evaluation. Some should also undergo genetic screening, experts said.

“A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and avoiding smoking and drinking are all important. People who have feminine and thyroid diseases should receive treatment before seeking pregnancy,” she added.